Meeting Agenda : Zoning Board of Adjustment Public Hearing Agenda – 9/23/19 – draft



Monday; September 23, 2019 7:00 pm Town Offices, 426 Plains Road, Pittsford VT


Call the Meeting to Order.

Approve or Amend the draft AGENDA.

Introduction s and presentation on Procedure.

Swear in of Interested Parties.

Open Public Hearing for Appeal of Zoning Administrator Decision by Ramone Davis, of 5166 Whipple Hollow Road, that allowed a 12’ X 12’ detached shed to be placed on adjacent lands belonging to Jason and Nicole Fischer, of 5190 Whipple Hollow Road, without a Town permit. Mr. Davis claims the shed encroaches on the minimum prescribed 25 foot side setback (per Article IV of 2019 Town Zoning Regulations).

Close or continue this Hearing matter.


Open Public Hearing for Appeal of Zoning Administrator Decision by D. Fitzgerald, T. Hooker, D. Aines, & J. House, all residents of Blanchard Ave, for issuing Permit #19-32, to Neil Martinez, which approved a change of use from single family to a two family residential use at 110 Blanchard Ave. The Appellants claim the change of use occurred over two years prior without Town or VT permits. They also claim that subdivision (deed) covenants have been violated in this two year period.

Close or continue this Hearing matter.


Re-Open Hearing for Application #19-33 from Outfront LLC, Keith & Christine Maseroni (property owners) for a change of use for the building and grounds at 3036 US Rt.7, Pittsford Village (Town Parcel #0201). The Owner/ Applicants request the Hearing (held and closed on August 26, 2019) be re-opened to additional testimony; to allow for additional and corrected information. Application 19-33 requests using the property for one to two Offices; residential rental of one Dwelling Unit; and sale, rental, storage, and transportation of shipping containers/ storage structures; and new signage.

Close or continue this Hearing.


Open Public Hearing for Application 19-37 – A request by the Pittsford Recreation Department to install a 14’ X 12’ Open Pavilion (Life Guard Station) by the Swim Area at 426 Plains Road (Parcel #1723). This is a Conditional Use for a Municipal Park/Playground and for a structure within a FEMA Special Flood Hazard Area.

Close or continue this Hearing.


Enter Deliberative Session, if requested.

Exit Deliberative Session and issue any instructions to the Zoning Administrator

Approve draft Minutes of August 26, 2019

Schedule any future Meeting date; providing there is business for the ZBA