Meeting Agenda : Select Board Agenda 03/06/2019

Select Board Meeting – Agenda
March 6, 2019
Municipal Office Conference Room 6:30 PM

1. Reorganization

  • Appointment of Chairman
  • Appointment of Vice Chairman
  • Discuss Possible need for Executive Session (Legal, Personnel, Contracts)
  • Discuss Possible Need to Amend Agenda
  • Adopt Agenda (Original or Amended)
  • Appointment of Recording Clerk (Linda Drummond)
  • Appointment of Official Newspaper (The Reporter)
  • Adoption of Select Board Meeting Schedule
  • Appointments of Officials and Various Boards and Commissions:
Animal Control Officers  

J. Michael Warfle

David Soulia, Jr.

Jessica McDonald

Tree Warden

Robert Ketcham

Tree Warden Assistant

Randal S. Adams

Delinquent Tax Collector

John Haverstock

Rutland County Solid Waste Representatives

Nancy Gaudreau

Alternate Position-Vacancy

Emergency Management Director

Jason Davis

Rutland Regional Planning Commission

David Mills

Alternate—Dave Soulia

Enhanced 9-1-1

Jeffrey Biasuzzi



Rutland Regional Transportation Council


John Haverstock–Alternate

Fence Viewers                

W. Joseph Gagnon

John C. Fox


Recreation Committee  (3 Yr.) 2022

Kelly Connaughton

Monica Keith

Robin Leight

Fuel Coordinator

John Haverstock

Planning Commission (3 Yr) 2022

Ted Gillen

Alternate:  Thomas Markowski

Fire Warden

Bradley Keith




2. Administration

  • Act on Select Board Minutes of February 20, 2019; Act on Liquor Board Minutes of February 20, 2019
  • Act on Orders
  • Town Manager’s Report

3. Public Comment

4. Old Business

5. New Business

  • Appointment(s) to fill Elected Office(s) left unfilled by Election, if needed
  • Appointment(s) to Fill Vacancies among Officials, Board Members and Commissioners, if needed

6. Budget Status Update

7. Adjournment

Next regularly-scheduled meeting March 20, 2019