Meeting Minutes : Planning Commission Meeting Minutes 01/24/19 – draft

Pittsford Planning Commission Meeting Minutes – Draft

January 24, 2019

Board Members Present: Dave Mills, Kevin Blow, Mark Winslow, Ted Gillen, Rick Conway, Tom Markowski, David Soulia

Also in Attendance: Jeff Biasuzzi, Hank Pelkey, Ed Brutkoski, Steve Mitowski, Gary Kupferer


1.  Call to order

The meeting was called to order at 8:00PM by Dave Mills – Chair.


2. Approval of Agenda

A motion was made by David Soulia and seconded by Mark Winslow to approve the agenda. The motion passed unanimously.


3. Approval of Minutes

. 11/08/18 Planning Commission Regular Meeting

. 12/13/18 Planning Commission Subdivision Hearing

. 12/13/18 – Planning Commission Zoning Amendments Hearing

A motion was made by David Soulia and seconded by Rick Conway to approve the 11/08/18 Planning Commission meeting, 12/13/18 Planning Commission Subdivision hearing and 12/13/18 Planning Commission Zoning Amendment hearing minutes. The motion passed unanimously.


4. Public Comments

Steve Mitowski, owner of the old Taranovich farm on Route 3 was present to obtain the Planning Commission’s feedback regarding the salt shed that is to be installed at the T & T building. He noted concern for their animals and vegetation with water runoff and melting of snow that the water will impede their property. Mr. Mitowski questioned whom they would need to talk to regarding State and Town regulations. Jeff Biasuzzi stated they are approved for a certain sized, covered storage shed on the front of the building on impervious surface and there should not be runoff. The shed will head to the west of the Proctor property, however, there is no runoff anticipated. It was noted the structure had to go through an Act 250 process and it did not impact the storm water review and with the engineering, most salt will be contained undercover. The Town does not have any guidelines for salt sheds, but the State does and they fall under the Act 250 process. Mr. Biasuzzi suggested Mr.  Mitowski could come into the Town Office to have a further discussion on this subject.


5. Discuss Zoning Hearing (What to Send to Select Board)

Dave Mills requested input from the Planning Commission following this evening’s hearing with regard to the proposed Zoning changes. Rick Conway suggested sending the proposed changes as written. Kevin Blow asked whether the map will be changed and Mr. Mills advised the map provided at the hearing was for illustration only to provide information on the undevelopable lands. Mark Winslow noted there were two good hearings and the positive outweighed the negative two to one and recommended the Commission submit the proposed changes as currently written.

A motion was made by David Soulia and seconded by Kevin Blow to submit the proposed Zoning changes as written to the Select Board for approval.

Mr. Kuepfer stated there is a written report required for statute and Jeff Biasuzzi advised that he can complete the report in accordance with the State statute 4441.c.1, 2 and 3. It was suggested to contact the Department of Housing and Community Affairs to obtain the form prior to submission to the Select Board. Rick Conway requested Mr. Biasuzzi provide him a copy once he has received it.

Ted Gillen stated there are some things that he is concerned about, but he is not that worried and thinks that everything will remain as is. He does not think anything could change that drastically, but there could be one or two properties that could change that could potentially upset neighbors, but he is not concerned they would become commercialized. Mr. Gillen would like to move this process forward to be able to begin doing other things for the Town.

The motion passed with one no vote – Ted Gillian.

Mr. Kupferer suggested delegating the Zoning Administrator to do the report and one or two members of the Planning Commission review the report, make appropriate changes, sign and submit the report with the amendments. It was suggested the Town’s Attorney also review the report.

A motion was made by Rick Conway and seconded by David Soulia to have the Zoning Administrator draft the report, send it to the Planning Commission Chair, Vice-Chair and Town Attorney for review and approval, using the template from the Department of Housing and Community Affairs, and submit to the Select Board after approval. The motion passed unanimously.

The Zoning Administrator will have the report to the Planning Commission by next Wednesday and the Planning Commission Chair will have the information to the Select Board for their board packet.

Mr. Kupferer stated the Planning Commission can submit the information to the Select Board, but a presentation would not be required, as the Select Board will need to schedule a time for their hearing. It is a requirement for the Select Board to hold one or more hearings for amendments. Mr. Kupferer advised the Select Board may make minor changes to the bylaws, but may not do so 14 days prior to the public hearing. With a substantial change, it would require a new hearing. For a Town Plan, the Planning Commission can discuss the changes proposed by the Select Board and decide whether to make the changes or not and send it back to the Select Board. However, with Zoning changes, the Select Board has the final authority. Mr. Kupferer stated the Select Board can make minor changes, but if there were major changes, there would need to be another Select Board public hearing.

Mr. Kupferer recommended providing the Select Board with a final draft, as well as a document with the redline changes. David Soulia will provide a clean copy to the Zoning Administrator. Mr. Biasuzzi suggested there needs to be a final copy of the zoning and the new zoning map with a signature line for the Select Board to sign and date accordingly once it has been approved.


6. Report on RRPC Meeting

Dave Mills and David Soulia attended the last Rutland Regional Planning Commission (RRPC) meeting.  Dave Mills reported the main discussion was on the new Act 250 process. David Soulia stated he has a video of the regional meeting, which covers Ed Bove’s training session on Act 250 and proposed changes, and the water regulations. Mr. Mills will forward the presentation to the Planning Commission members.  Mr. Soulia noted concern what they are proposing is disturbing, with changing the trigger mechanism for Act 250 that is now environmental impact and removing farming, forestry and quarrying from the exceptions. Additional information on this subject can be found or Vermont Good Neighbor Project on Facebook. Dave Mills confirmed with individuals that had attended the Act 250 Listening Tour that no one was allowed to speak at the meetings. It was noted that the drive of the changes is Representative Amy Sheldon. Mr. Soulia is working on an article for Vermont Good Neighbor Project that will provide a list of the representatives who are on the committee. It was noted there is also a subcommittee and an advisory panel that consists of people from the Agency of Natural Resources, Department of Transportation, Vermont Resources Council, Vermont Natural Resources Board and a business representative. Rick Conway suggested inviting the local representatives to a Planning Commission meeting to obtain their stand on this topic. Mr. Conway also questioned whether the Select Board is aware of the changes. Mark Winslow stated some of the items are verging on constitutional rights and Mr. Conway noted he had advised someone this is encroachment on private properties. Mr. Mills stated the proposal affects properties that border properties having protected land.


7. Discuss Enhanced Energy Plan

Dave Mills met with Theron Malay, Butch Shaw and Stephanie Jerome regarding the need for an Energy Plan. Mr. Malay has talked with Ed Bove; however, the RRPC does not have the funds to assist with a plan until a February/March timeframe. Mr. Bove has asked Barbara Noyes-Pulling to start working with Pittsford on a plan. Mr. Biasuzzi advised that Brandon and Clarendon are working on their energy plans and both towns’ energy committees are willing to work with Pittsford. Rick Conway stated it was suggested to look at the Sudbury plan and he has reviewed it. Now that the RRPC Energy plan has been approved, they can now approve municipal plans. Mr. Mills suggested the Planning Commission begin work on the Energy Plan and requested the Planning Commission members review Sudbury’s plan prior to the next meeting and add this item to the meeting agenda.

Dave Mills stated as far as changes with regard to the Rutland Herald article, the solar development would go in the Industrial Zone not on the main traveled areas, Mr. Mills did not propose to expand the Industrial district on Route 7, as there is not an Industrial district on Route 7. There was also reference to slate quarries, which should be marble quarries and the reference to residential should have been rural. Mark Winslow noted the Rutland Herald article of January 17th contained many inaccurate statements.


8. Schedule Date for Next Meeting

February 28, 2019 @ 7PM at the Pittsford Town Office


9. Adjournment

A motion was made by David Soulia and seconded by Mark Winslow to adjourn the meeting at 9:01PM. The motion passed unanimously.


Respectfully submitted,

Charlene Bryant
Recording Secretary


Approved by,



The Pittsford Planning Commission