Meeting Minutes : BLSG Board

Present: Steve Belcher, Mike Blaisdell, Jim Bosman, Art Doty, Brad Lawes, Will Mathis, Wayne Rausenberger, Jeff Smith, Kerry White, Jeff Whiting.
Guest: Lynne Peck.

Jeff Whiting called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM.

  1. Introduction of guest Lynne Peck.
  2. Minutes from June 21st2018 approved. (moved by Mike B. 2nd by Brad L.).
  3. Treasurer’s Report:
    • Equipment Replacement & Capital Improvement Checking is $5,543.11.
    • General Checking balance is $70,144.63.
    • The balance in General Checking includes Pittsford’s 2018-2019 contribution.  Pittsford’s contribution is broken down as follows: Assessment is $24,638.55; Buy in is $17,750.00; Adulticide Buy-in is: $2,477.55.  The total contribution from Pittsford is: $44,866.10.
    • The District owes Orwell Bank $30,000 borrowed from the credit line.
    • The State of Vermont owes the District $13,789.35 from invoices number 28, 29 & 30.
    • The 2018-2019 larvicide grant has $56,210.65 remaining since the State is paying the 2 invoices from last FY in July and one so far in FY 18-19 out of the new grant funds.
    • The District is not eligible to join VLCT.
    • A suggestion was made that we could use the Equipment fund to pay for the Taylor Rental bill for fogger rebuilds.
    • The District currently projects a deficit for FY 2018 based on FY 2019.
    • Discussion and approval of the distribution of Pittsford’s contribution.  $17,750.00 deposited into the Equipment Replacement & Capital Improvement Checking.  $24,638.55 which is FY 2019/19 assessment deposited into General Checking and $2,477.55 inventory buy in deposited into General Checking.  (moved by Mike B. 2nd by Brad L.).
  4. Discussion about VT AG FY 17/18, VT AG FY 18/19 Grants.   Wayne plans to develop a plan for payment with Patti Casey.  It is likely that there will not be sufficient funds for aerial treatments next year if it is a bad year.  The $70,000 that the District received is for this season thru 7/1/19.  The message from the joint meeting with the Department of Agriculture was that when the $70,000 Grant has been spent, there are no other funds for larviciding.  The contract that the District was pressured to sign had a 2nd amendment that specified that the $70,000 would be given to the District at the beginning of the fiscal year.  There are two issues that need to be edited in the contract.  One is for the aerial treatment cost per acre.  The other issue is for larval thresholds.  Currently the contributions from the participating towns is for adulticide costs and the grant is for larvicide.  Wayne will meet with Will to determine a plan for addressing the inaccuracies.
  5. Discussion about Communications Options, Public Relations.  The District is committed to continuing to publicly post all required information.  Jim Bosman asked Kerry White to develop an outreach proposal for the next meeting.
  6. Coordinator’s Report.  Will discussed the current conditions in the District.  Will has identified some culex mosquito species in varied locations.  Will provided an update on trucks, equipment and what repairs are needed at this time.  The town of Proctor has contacted Will to inquire about a limited contract for next season.  Will plans to develop a Proctor proposal for the contract for the next meeting.
  7. Discussion about the pollinator protection plan.
  8. New Business:
    • Lynne Peck spoke to the board about her experience as a guest.  She said that it was very informative, she was unaware of the current financial difficulties that the District is experiencing.  She suggested that the public should know about the funding.
    • Wayne Rausenberger would like signed copies of compatible use permits from James Eikenberry of the NRCS for treatment.  Ben has been in contact with him to request them but has not yet received copies.  He has provided a list of the properties he has approved.
    • Wayne Rausenberger would like for the board members to look at the current budget so that it can be discussed at the next meeting.  He would like the larvicide coordinator line item to be added again if possible.

Jeff Whiting called the meeting adjourned at 9:35PM


Minutes prepared by Kerry White.