Meeting Minutes : Town Plan Amendment Subcommittee – DRAFT

Town Office Conference Room—6:30 P.M.


  1. 6:30 P.M. – Open Meeting:  Ernie C., Tammy W. Tharon Malay, Rishi C., Joe Gagne, Ted G
  2. Administration
    • Discuss Possible Need to Amend Agenda – no
    • Adopt Agenda (Original or Amended) Tammy moved, Ernie 2nd
    • Act on Prior Meeting Minutes – noted to add missing persons when not at the meeting and Tharon will seek clarification of procedure for our group when he meets with John Haverstock on 6.15
  3. Public Comment (Limited to 5 Minutes Per Speaker) – we don’t do this.  We welcome public input.  We are a working group.
  4. Old Business
    • Discuss Town Plan Amendments
      • Future Land Use
      • Economic Development
  5. New Business
    • Discuss Future Agenda – we will all work on the two sections and return with tangible updates
    • Discuss July Meeting Date –
  6. Adjournment – Rishi Moves, Tammy 2nd


Next regular meeting:  July 11, 2018 @ 5:00 PM