Meeting Agenda : ZBA Public Hearing

Meeting Time 7:00 pm | Lothrop School Gym, 3447, Rt. 7.


Call the Public Hearing to order.

Approve or Amend the Public Hearing’s Agenda.

Introduction of Members & Presentation of Hearing Procedure; identify any Conflicts of Interest.

Swearing in of new participants.

Open the continued Public Hearing for Application #17-38, a Conditional Use Application by Pittsford BTS Retail LLC to construct a 9100+/- sq. ft. retail sales facility on Parcel #0734, 40 Plains Road. New or amended Testimony may be submitted to the Board.

Close this Public Hearing OR make Motion to recess Hearing to another time, date, & place; &/OR make Motion to enter Deliberative Session.

Exit Deliberative Session and make Motion to issue decision or instructions to the Zoning Administrator OR make Motion to recess to another time, date & place to continue Deliberative Session.

Approve the Minutes of the continued Hearing held on May 14, 2018

Discuss other business and future schedules, if any.