Meeting Minutes : BLSG

Present: Steve Belcher, Ben Lawton, Will Mathis, Wayne Rausenberger, Jeff Smith, Kerry White, Jeff Whiting.

Ben Lawton called the meeting to order at 7:04 PM.

  1. Minutes from 4/12/18 approved (moved by Jeff W. 2nd by Wayne R.). Meeting minutes shall be completed and posted within 5 business days. Timely comments will be incorporated. Late changes can be added when approved at the next meeting. Important changes can be made and posted immediately as revisions.
  2. Treasurer’s Report:
    • General Checking balance is $56,077.21.
    • Equipment Replacement & Capital Improvement Checking is $5,542.65.
    • The district borrowed $42,000 from our line of credit to pay North Fork Helicopter for larvicide application of 3,000 acres.
    • The district has not received any correspondence from the state regarding an amendment to the current grant for the $42,000 cost of the aerial treatment, nor reimbursement for the treatment.
    • Wayne and Ben plan to contact the state about the current grant and any subsequent amendments that may be needed this fiscal year.
    • Jeff W. suggested that an in- person meeting with the department of Agriculture to determine their current process might resolve the issue.
    • Treasurer’s report approved. (Moved by Jeff W. 2nd by Jeff S.).
  3. Operations Report:
    • Updates provided on current Equipment and maintenance needed for each.
    • Mapping of spray routes and setting property markers for no spray properties was discussed. Goshen no spray properties will be staked when we receive more stakes.
    • Helicopter landing site now needs to be registered, Will is working on the paperwork for this.
    • Green Mountain Power needs to be contacted to install orange balls on power lines near any landing sites.
    • Discussion about the recent larvicide treatment. The state only approved 3,000 acres to be treated when 6, 000 needed treatment. Larvicide inventory needs to be replenished when the state approves it.
    • Adult Mosquito trapping will begin on Monday, 5/21/2018.
    • Considering community outreach and education pertaining to disposing of or modifying oviposition habitat, proper screening methods and proper application of personal protective measures, such as repellants, to minimize human/mosquito contact.
  4. Liability insurance and sovereign immunity, and name change:
    • Discussion about changing the name of the district with the addition of Pittsford.
    • Discussion about the Vermont Leagues and Towns (VLTC). Wayne currently researching whether the district can join the organization. It is possible that the district can join under one of the towns.
    • Discussion about liability insurance and the costs.
  5. PGP and NPDES:
    • The PGP has been authorized/approved and is valid for five years.
  6. Drivers protocol and training for adulticiding:
    • Staff is currently receiving training and driving routes in advance.
  7. Pollinator protection plan and new studies of truck mounted ultra-low volume mosquito adulticides on honeybees discussed.
  8. NRCS/Wetland reclamation:
    • The district only has one map/approval from NRCS, Will is waiting for the remaining maps and approval documentation.
  9. IPM/IMM and Vt AG FY 18/19 and 19/20 grant discussed. The current allotment of money through the grant is not sufficient to pay for adequate larviciding, surveillance, identification and categorizing/documenting. The district is now completing more tasks than they did when they first received the grant money and it has been level funded since that time.

Ben Lawton called the meeting adjourned at 8:50 PM.


Prepared by: Kerry White