Meeting Agenda : ZBA Amended Public Hearing

Meeting Time 7:00 pm • Lothrop School Gym • 3447 Rt. 7.



  1. Call the Public Hearing  to order.
  2. Approve or Amend the Public Hearing’s Agenda.
  3. Introduction of Members & Presentation of Hearing Procedure;  identify any Conflicts of Interest.
  4. Open  the continued  Public Hearing for  Application #17-38, a Conditional Use  Application by Pittsford BTS Retail LLC to construct a 9100 sq. ft. retail sale facility. No testimony will be taken at this Hearing. Public comments will be limited by the ZBA Chair.
  5. Vote to continue the Public Hearing to another time, date, & place. At this time 7:00 pm, Monday June 4, 2018 at Lothrop Gym is proposed.
  6. Approve the Minutes of the Site Review and continued Public Hearing, both held on March 26, 2018
  7. Discuss other business and future schedules, if any.
  8. Adjourn