Meeting Minutes : Town Plan Amendment Subcommittee – DRAFT

Town Office Conference Room—6:30 P.M.



  1. 6:34 P.M. – Open Meeting – Tharon Malay, Tammy Wilcox, Rishi Connelly, Joe Gagnon
  2. Administration
    • Discuss Possible Need to Amend Agenda – No Need
    • Adopt Agenda (Original or Amended) – Rishi Moved, Joe Gagne 2nd, unopposed.
    • Act on Prior Meeting Minutes – Tammi moved,Joe 2nd, unopposed.
  3. Public Comment (Limited to 5 Minutes Per Speaker) – None.
  4. Old Business
    • Discuss Goals of Subcommittee/Name of Subcommittee
      • We will table this until the next meeting on June 13 because of uncertainty introduced at the last Select Board meeting.
      • Tharon will connect with John Haverstock to add our concern to the agenda so that we can seek resolution to this question.
      • The subcommittee wants to be able to discuss any and all about the Pittsford Town Plan – including, but not limited to amending the town plan.
      • Consensus that the subcommittee is a good thing because we can bring a wide range of issues and concerns and feedback and information from the town’s people to the planning commission and reveal the questions and challenges pro-actively rather than reactively.
      • Promote Pittsford resources
  5. New Business
    • Discuss Town Plan Amendments
      • We need to have our name and goals established before we can really work on the amendments.
      • Future Land Use Map and Zoning Map match.  This is going to make changes to the different columns on “Table of Uses”. And these changes will have an impact on the Town Plan, and we want to discuss this as part of our amendment process.
    • Discuss Future Agenda
      • Develop our goals.
      • Promoting Pittsford in Vermont: for example — The trail network map and getting it out to the Welcome Centers.
      • Rutland Regional has a survey writer and will help us develop, disseminate, and collect surveys – different ideas about how to collect survey information including
        • door-to-door,
        • Town wide Yard Sale,
        • 4th of July,
        • Pittsford Day,
        • Book Sale,
        • leave it at local spots with a submit box.
  6. Adjournment: 7:19 (Tammi, Rishi 2nd)


Next regular meeting:  June 13, 2018