Meeting Minutes : Planning Commission – DRAFT

Board Members Present: David Soulia, Kevin Blow, Dave Mills, Mark Winslow, Chuck Charbonneau, Ted Gillen, Tom Markowski, Rick Conway – via phone
Also in Attendance:  Jeff Biasuzzi – Zoning Administrator, Tharon Malay, Mike Gecha, Alicia Malay, Brian Gecha, Ernie Clerihew


  1. Call to order
    The meeting was called to order at 7:00PM by Dave Mills – Chair.
  2. Approval of Agenda
    A motion was made by David Soulia and seconded by Kevin Blow to approve the agenda. The motion passed.
  3. Approval of Minutes
    March 22, 2018
    A motion was made by David Soulia and seconded by Mark Winslow to approve the minutes of March 22, 2018 meeting as amended. The motion passed.
    On Page 3 – last paragraph – second sentence should read: Dave Mills asked if the Pittsford Planning Commission would be interested in a presentation at one of their meetings.
    A correction of the start time from 6:00PM to 7:00PM.
  4. Public Comments
    Tharon Malay reported the Sub-Committee met for the first time and elected officers (Tharon Malay – Chair, Ernie Clerihew – Vice Chair, Rishi Connelly– Secretary). The Committee will meet the second Wednesday of every month at the Town Office. Joe Gagnon, Hank Pelkey, John Haverstock and David Soulia attended. The intent of the Committee is to assist the Planning Commission with amendments to the Town Plan and community involvement in putting out surveys and working with local business owners to see what can be done to help them out. A suggestion had been made to develop a directory of local businesses. Ernie Clerihew noted the local newspaper has many things happening in Brandon and Proctor regarding economic development and suggested Pittsford needs to start getting this together.  Mr. Clerihew stated there is strong community involvement in some of the surrounding towns and the Sub-Committee would like to promote this for Pittsford.
  5. Discuss Zoning Regulations/Map Updates
    Dave Mills reported the Listers provided a list of the Route 3 and Route 7 properties for discussion of the zoning changes. Mr. Biasuzzi will do a line-by-line review of the list per the map the Planning Commission has supplied for the proposed Commercial districts along Route 3 and extending north on Route 7 to the Brandon town line. In reviewing the list, the Planning Commission can highlight what they want to omit. By Wednesday, Mr. Biasuzzi will have the Florence properties available for the Planning Commission’s review for the Industrial zone. Mr. Mills had requested the Planning Commission provide suggestions for the letter to be mailed to the property owners with regard to the proposed zoning changes. Ted Gillen submitted a draft letter for the Planning Commission’s consideration.
    Dave Mills read the following suggestion that he had drafted: “The Pittsford Planning Commission is in the process of updating the Town’s zoning map. Your property located on (Route 3/Route 7) is in the area being considered for change. It was brought to our attention in 2016 that many residents in your area were unaware that the Commercial designation had been removed. We are in the process of changing the zoning to reinstate this property back to its original designation of Commercial.
    We are just in the beginning stages of making this change. Per State statute, it will require public hearings for both the Planning Commission and Select Board. These will be announced as they are scheduled. If you have any comments before the hearings, they may be directed in writing to John Haverstock or in person at any of the Planning Commission meetings that are held the fourth Thursday of each month at the Town Office beginning at 7:00PM.”
    Mark Winslow suggested adding the following sentences from Mr. Gillen’s letter to Mr. Mill’s recommendation: “The Planning Commission invites you to take part in the discussion of the inconsistencies, how they should be addressed, and how your property may or may not be affected. The Planning Commission traditionally meets the fourth Thursday of every month at 7:00PM in the conference room of the Pittsford Town Offices. The dates, agendas and minutes for all future and past Planning Commission meetings are posted on the Town’s website (” All were in agreement with using the draft that Mr. Mills read with the addition of the sentences from Mr. Gillen’s proposed letter.
    A motion was made by Mark Winslow and seconded by David Soulia to move forward with Dave Mill’s draft zoning change letter as amended.
    Rick Conway noted the Planning Commission had previously indicated it would send the individuals that had expressed concern with these areas notices of when the Planning Commission would be considering these changes. The changes were postponed due to the Planning Commission getting the Town Plan to align with the Zoning amendments. Now the Zoning map will be in alignment with the correct Future Land Use map of the recently approved Town Plan.
    Mike Gecha asked if everyone on both routes will receive the letter and whether there will be a map included. Dave Mills reported the only people receiving the letter would be those whose properties will be affected, such as the properties on Route 3 that are currently Rural Commercial that will be changed back to Commercial. Jeff Biasuzzi suggested a map could be included with the letter. It was the consensus of the Planning Commission to include a map.
    Tharon Malay suggested it would also be convenient for those receiving the letter to be provided the Table of Uses of what is going to be changed for clarity. Rick Conway stated the areas will go back to what was originally designated. Mr. Malay stated it might be better to provide information to people of what the zoning means, as some things that weren’t permitted in the area will now be permitted and it would be helpful for people living in those areas to know. Mark Winslow stated the intent is to make the letter a simple invitation for those properties affected to come to a meeting for discussion. Jeff Biasuzzi stated as the Planning Commission goes through the Table of Uses; they may choose to change it. Mr. Biasuzzi suggested it would be early to place this information on the Town’s website, as the Planning Commission will be reviewing the information and could potentially be making changes.
    The motion passed unanimously.
    Mr. Mills advised the letter regarding the changes for the Industrial zoning is similar to the Commercial zoning letter. Mr. Mills read: “The Pittsford Planning Commission is in the process of updating our zoning map. Your property located in Florence is in an area being considered for change. We are expanding the Industrial district to include existing quarries and other natural resources located in Florence.” The remainder of the letter would be the same as the Commercial letter.
    A motion was made by Mark Winslow and seconded by David Soulia to adopt the letter to send to property owners affected in the Florence area. The motion passed unanimously.
    Dave Mills summarized the Planning Commission has the Route 7 and Route 3 lists for review and the Zoning Administrator will have the Florence list to the Planning Commission by Wednesday. Jeff Biasuzzi suggested sending any comments to the Zoning Administrator for distribution to the Commissioners. Rick Conway reported Steve Schilds has indicated he will have the proposed map completed before the next Planning Commission meeting. Mr. Schilds will take the Future Land Use map and will transfer what is appropriate for the Zoning map. Mr. Conway will forward it to the Zoning Administrator for distribution. The Planning Commission will review the draft letter and list of appropriate people to assure that all are included. Mr. Conway questioned if this should be sent to the Town’s attorney for review. Mr. Biasuzzi noted this is an invitation for people to come for a discussion of the proposed changes. Mark Winslow noted the agendas will be posted and the right steps are being taken, with hearings to take place before changes are made.
    With regard to the Table of Uses, Chuck Charbonneau suggested reviewing it prior to a discussion. Mark Winslow recommended placing this item on the agenda for the next Planning Commission meeting to allow the members time to review it and prepare for discussion.
    Jeff Biasuzzi reported he is working on the list of definitions and will email the Planning Commission members once completed.
    Mr. Mills requested the Table of Uses and Definitions be added to the agenda for discussion at the next meeting.
    Mike Gecha stated he would like to review the Table of Uses, as there are items that previously had been hot topics that might not be a hot topic today, as things have changed.
    Brian Gecha asked if the Planning Commission would like suggestions for changes to the Table of Uses.  Mr. Mills encouraged members of the public to provide suggestions for changes in the Table of Uses prior to the next meeting to allow the Planning Commission to review and discuss at the meeting. Comments can be submitted to the Zoning Administrator for distribution to the Planning Commission members.
  6. Schedule Date/Agenda for Next Meeting
    May 24, 2018 – Planning Commission Meeting
  7. Adjournment
    A motion was made by David Soulia and seconded by Mark Winslow to adjourn the meeting at 7:49PM. The motion passed unanimously.


Respectfully submitted,


Charlene Bryant
Recording Secretary


Approved by,



The Pittsford Planning Commission