Public Notice of Intent to Apply Mosquito Adulticides

On or after May 15th, the BLSG Insect Control District may be making ground applications of mosquito adulticides along the public right of ways in the towns of Brandon, Leicester, Salisbury, Goshen and Pittsford to control mosquitos. In the past years, mosquitos in these towns have been found to carry West Nile Virus and Eastern Equine Encephalitis, both of which can be deadly to humans and animals. Applications of malathion or synthetic pyrethroid insecticides will be made with ultra-low volume truck-based sprayers.

If you wish to Opt Out and not have your property treated: please send a written request annually to BLSG, PO Box 188 Brandon, VT 05733. Please provide your 911 address and a property map, which delineates your property boundaries on the public right of way. A representative from the district will contact you to assist in marking your property as a no spray zone. Opt out needs to be renewed yearly!

The BLSG hotline is 802-247-6779 and will receive request for treatment as needed during the season.

Further information or comments about adulticiding activities or application exclusion requests can be obtained from:

BLSG Insect Control District
Will Mathis • 802-247-6779

Additional information available at