Meeting Minutes : ZBA Public Site Visit – DRAFT

Zoning Board of Adjustment Members Present – Stanley Markowski – Chairman, Rick Conway – Vice Chairman, Clarence Greeno, Dan Adams and Jack Orvis.  ABSENT:     Nicholas Michael and Ed Keith, Jr.
Others Present – Sylvia Kallen, Deb Reynolds, Peggy Rawlings, Marsha Booker, Ernie Clerihew, Tammy Hitchcock, Elizabeth Morgan, Dan Shea, Tharon Malay, Baird Morgan, Theodore Gillen, Bernie Reynolds, Keith Bishop, Paul Lathrop, Susan Smallheen, Julia Purdy, David Saladino, Abby Dery, David Cooper, Matt Casey, Gary Kupferer, Jeremy Mutosky, Peter Wilson, Donna Wilson, Barbara Lancelette, Jeff Biasuzzi – Zoning Administrator and Kelly Giard – Recording Secretary


Markowski, Chairman, called the Zoning Board of Adjustment site visit to order at 5:36 PM and explained that testimony would not be received during this visit and would be received at the hearing at the Lothrop Gym.

Jeremy Mutosky of TCE Engineering was present to discuss the project.

Mr. Mutosky stated that the building would be constructed on the current slab that used to be the Kelley’s Bargain Outlet with dimensions of 70’ X 30’; there would be a sidewalk around the building; landscaping berms around the property; the entrance drive would be around the current house; there would need to be only 1 tree removed; the old pond would remain and under the wetland regulations, the area would no longer be allowed to mow; the current driveway would be cutdown and drain toward the hydrant and redirected left to the wetland; there would be some additional fill required for the corner of the building; the curb cut would be on the western side of the Plains Road; the sidewalk would be 5’ wide; and the catch basin would be on the Plains Road.

Ernie Clerihew inquired the stormwater treatment.  Mr. Mutosky stated that there would be a timber/stone check dam constructed.  Betsey Morgan stated that it was her impression that this would be brought to the wetlands.  Mr. Mutosky stated that the water would be brought to the wetlands via natural flow.

Keith Bishop inquired the drainage from the side lot and dumpsters.  Mr. Mutosky stated that the drainage would follow the natural route to the wetlands.  Mr. Bishop asked what would happen with the water from the dumpster.  Mr. Mutosky stated that the dumpster would be covered.

Mr. Mutosky stated that the entire property would have sidewalk access and would continue 30’ – 40’ past the driveway and there are proposed improvements to the Plains Road.

Mr. Mutosky explained that the hydrant and pole at the northern corner of Plains Road/Route 7 would remain and the road would curve in the area.  Mr. Mutosky also explained that there would be curbing installed and the curb cut reduced to 1 along the Plains Road and Route 7 to increase safety for pedestrians.  The curb would be a 7” curb at a 2% grade.

The site plan recessed at 6:25 PM.


Respectfully submitted


Kelly Giard, Recording Secretary



Following the seven day comment & review period by ZBA Members, the Chairman is duly authorized to approve these Minutes on behalf of the Zoning Board of Adjustment;


Approved this __________ day of April, 2017 by:




Stanley Markowski, Chair