Meeting Minutes : Water & Sewer Commission

Members Present – Thomas “Hank” Pelkey, Helen McKinlay, David Pearson,  Ernie Clerihew and Clarence Greeno.
Others present:  John Haverstock – Town Manager.

Dave Pearson, Chairman, called the meeting to order at 6:30 PM.


Adoption of Agenda:

J. Haverstock reported that there was no need for Executive Session.

J. Haverstock asked to amend the Agenda to include a discussion of Baird Morgan’s request for a water re-connection fee and a discussion of sewer fund revenues.  Motion by T. Pelkey and seconded by H. McKinlay to adopt the agenda as requested.  Motion passed unanimously 5 – 0.



The minutes of the February 20, 2018 meeting were signed, with no changes.


Town Manger’s Report:

J. Haverstock reported the following:

  • J. Haverstock thanked Chairman David Pearson for his service on the Commission on the occasion of his final meeting on the Commission, noting that the Town was now seeking applicants to fill the impending vacancy on the Commission.
  • J. Haverstock noted that the Town is now engaged in the water shut-off process and that this usually results in  payments from those with delinquent balances.


Public Comment:

None presented at this time.



Discuss Route 7 Segment 1 “Conflicts” with Water System Infrastructure
Discussions have resumed with VTrans with regard to the waterline that was installed during the system upgrade.  (VTrans had initially agreed with the placement of the watermain and assured that there would be no conflict with the Route 7 upgrade).  The Town has asked for VTrans help to request that federal funds be used to address “conflicts.”


Request for Waiver of Re-Connection Fee
Baird Morgan noted that he had asked the Town to shut-off the water to the Pittsford Village Farm property last year when he purchased it.  Now that the Pittsford Village Farm group has decided to establish community gardens on the site, he asked whether the Commission would be willing to waive the fee normally assessed when landowners wish to restore water service after a shut-off.  Mr. Morgan stated that all that would be needed was a lockable hydrant near the gardens for watering.  Motion by H. Pelkey to approve the fee waiver request.  Seconded by D. Pearson.  Motion passed 4-0-1 (Clerihew abstaining).



Wastewater Treatment Facility Asset Mapping Project Update:
J. Haverstock reported that the New York engineering firm that was appointed by the State has issued its Asset Management Plan for the Wastewater Treatment Facility (WWTF).  It has been shared with Brooks Newbry of Aero-Mod and his comments have been forwarded to the engineering firm.  The engineering firm has proposed to meet with Shawn Hendee at the WWTF on April 17 and to present its Asset Management Plan to the Commission that evening.


Update on Pump Station and Wastewater Treatment Facility Instrumentation Project:
J. Haverstock stated that the State loan application had been revised and he has asked Otter Creek Engineering to investigate other potential project funding sources.


Discussion of Sewer Fund Revenues:
There was an extended discussion of possible ways to increase revenues and improve the “bottom line” of the Sewer Fund.  J. Haverstock will work with otter Creek Engineering to explore various approaches, including the possible change to sewer rates.

J. Haverstock will draft some options for discussion at a future meeting.





The meeting was adjourned at 7:14 PM.

The next regular meeting of the Water and Sewer Commission will be held on April 17, 2018.


Respectfully Submitted,


John Haverstock

Town Manager


David Pearson, Chairman


Clarence Greeno, Vice Chairman


Helen McKinlay


Ernie Clerihew


Thomas “Hank” Pelkey