Highway Signage

Pursuant to the Title 19, Vermont Statues Annotated, Sections 1109-1110, the State Transportation Board has made and promulgated the following rule, now administered by the Agency of Transportation, in accordance with Section 12 of Act No. 246 of 1990.


In order to prevent the abuse of any highway, or portion thereof, posted under the provisions of these Sections from November 15th to December 31st and from January 1st to May 15th, inclusive, in each year, or until adoption and announcement of any modifications of said rules, no vehicle having a weight, including vehicle and load, in excess of the weights specified below, shall be operated on any part of the following classes of highways, which are posted under the provisions of these sections:

State HighwaysTown Highways
(Classes 1, 2, 3, and 4)
Two-axle Trucks20,000 lbs15,000 lbs
Three-axle Trucks30,000 lbs18,000 lbs
Tractor Trailer Units40,000 lbs20,000 lbs

Posting for Town Highways 2018

2/16/18PittsfordTH 81Proctor T/L
2/16/18PittsfordUS Rte 73Chittenden T/L
2/16/18PittsfordOmya West Entrance8W. Rutland T/L
2/16/18PittsfordUS Rte 710Chittenden T/L
2/16/18PittsfordBrandon T/L11TH 9
2/16/18PittsfordUS Rte 712Chittenden T/L
2/16/18PittsfordTH 3121TH 8
2/16/18PittsfordTH 328Chittenden T/L
2/16/18PittsfordTH 2131TH 8
2/16/18PittsfordTH 3134TH 8
2/16/18PittsfordTH 4540Chittenden T/l
2/16/18PittsfordUS Rte 745TH 40

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