August 30, 2017


The meeting was called to order by C. Shaw at 6:00 P.M.


BCA Members Present:  Charles “Butch” Shaw, Hank Pelkey, Patty Carter, Sue Markowski, Helen McKinlay, Matt Candon, Dave Trombley, Walter Poor, Jill Blanchard, and Peg Flory

Others Present:  Liz Willis, Assistant Town Clerk

A motion was made by Hank Pelkey to accept the Agenda as posted.  Second by Sue Markowski.  Motion passed unanimously.  10 – 0.

The BCA reviewed the most recent checklist to determine whether those listed are still qualified to vote.  17:2150 (c)   Examples of the letters printed automatically from the State Elections website as Challenge Letters and the Challenge Voter Response Forms were reviewed and discussed.  Paragraph two of the Challenge letter giving the description for “resident” was read and discussed.  The BCA identified voters no longer residing in Pittsford to add to the State generated list of voters to be challenged.  Dave Trombley asked if college students attending school in Vermont could vote in Vermont elections.  The BCA confirmed the out of state students are eligible to vote in Vermont.

The BCA discussed confusing discrepancies between the Challenge Letter and Challenge Voter Response Forms generated by the State Election website.  A motion for our Legislators to take this information back to Montpelier for future clarification was made by Matt Candon and seconded by Sue Markowski. The motion passed unanimously.  10 – 0.

By September 20, 2017 the BCA must certify to Secretary of State that purging of the checklist has been completed.  17:2150 (d)(7)

Butch Shaw advised the BCA of an individual whose grievance appeal had arrived the day after our deadline.  A motion was made by Dave Trombley that tax appeal letters arriving after the set deadline, with no apparent reason for delay would need to be submitted for the following year.  Hank Pelkey seconded the motion.  The motion passed unanimously.  10 – 0.

Matt Candon reviewed the Inspection Committee findings of Derek Saari’s grievance appeal for those who had not been present at the previous meeting.

Butch Shaw stressed the importance for all BCA members who have signed up to be on the Board to be present at meetings, trainings hearing and elections.  If you have been assigned to an Inspection Committee it is extremely important for you to be in attendance.

Motion by P. Flory to adjourn, seconded by M. Candon.  Motion passed unanimously.  10-0.

Respectfully submitted,



Helen McKinlay, Recording Clerk



Charles Shaw, BCA Chair



 Helen McKinlay, Town Clerk