Meeting Minutes : Pittsford Planning Commission Meeting – DRAFT


Pittsford Planning Commission Meeting

December 1, 2016

Board Members Present: Kevin Blow, Dave Mills, Rick Conway, Colleen Hobbs, Mark Winslow, Chuck Charbonneau

Board Members Absent:  David Soulia

Also in Attendance:  Jeff Biasuzzi – Zoning Administrator, Ann Rademacher, Beverly Peterson

  1. Call to order
    The meeting was called to order at 7:03PM by Dave Mills – Vice-Chair.
  2. Approval of Agenda
    A motion was made by Rick Conway and seconded by Kevin Blow to approve the agenda as amended. The motion passed unanimously.
    Addition of Review of Official Maps and Town Ordinance after Misc. Commission Items
  3. Approval of Minutes
    A motion was made by Rick Conway and seconded by Kevin Blow to approve the October 27, 2016 Planning Commission meeting minutes as presented. The motion passed unanimously with two abstentions – Mark Winslow and Chuck Charbonneau.
  4. Public Comments
    Ann Rademacher asked if the Planning Commission had reviewed the Education write-up for the Town Plan that Mr. Rademacher had submitted. It was noted that the section has not been reviewed yet. Ms. Rademacher stated if there are any changes the Planning Commission would like made to the section, Mr. Rademacher is available to make revisions. Copies of the Education section to be sent to all Planning Commission members.
  5. Miscellaneous Commission Items
    Forrest Farm – Housing Trust
    Jeff Biasuzzi read the following email from John Haverstock, Town Manager:

    “Gentlemen. As you likely are aware, the Forrest farm in the Village has been for sale for quite some time now. Dan Adams is the broker trying to see and possibly subdivide the parcel.
    Today, Melissa Disorda, from the Housing Trust of Rutland County, stopped by my office suggesting a meeting with the Planning Commission regarding the prospects for this parcel, from an affordable housing perspective. Apparently local residents had gotten in touch with her about the parcel and its potential redevelopment…
    Please let me know whether the Commission would care to meet with her…perhaps at an upcoming meeting of the Planning Commission.
    John Haverstock”

    Rick Conway was concerned if there is sewer capacity available. Dave Mills asked if the Planning Commission would like to meet with Ms. Disorda. Jeff Biasuzzi reported he has done two simple parcelings and one boundary line adjustment on the property. There is a purchase offer for the farm buildings and the pasture near the farm. The remainder is in a conservation easement and there has to be permission from the USDA to do anything on the property. The government had bought the development rights to the large piece and did the mapping. Mr. Conway asked if there was a permit notice posted at the farm and the Zoning Administrator advised the Estate of Robert Forrest did the parceling and it was done according to the new regulations. The parties wanted to do this transaction before the end of the calendar year and the simple parceling has already occurred. There are about 151 acres in the total parcel. The 20 acres and the buildings are of most interest to the housing community. Mr. Adams had indicated there was also another interested party. The Estate owned the entire property and it had no known subdivision history. The government owned the easement and the real estate was under the title of Bob Forrest. The real estate will still be owned by a private entity, but the government has control over the private use.  The Zoning Administrator was asked to advise Mr. Haverstock to extend an invitation to the Housing Trust to meet with the Planning Commission during their January meeting.

  6. Review Official Maps & Town Ordinance
    The Zoning Administrator provided the Pittsford Vermont Zoning Districts 2016 map that will be located in the town office. Rick Conway suggested a change be made to include the ledger in the bottom of the large map. After review of the map, it was noted the large map does not reflect the same information that had been voted on by the Select Board and included in the Zoning Ordinance. Mr. Conway suggested legal counsel review the map. The Zoning Administrator provided the Planning Commission an 11 x 17 version of the larger map. Mr. Conway stated other than the key, the map is an accurate representation, as everything else has stayed the same. The Planning Commission then reviewed the Flood Plain map. There were also differences in that map, as the larger map did not have the key and the power lines are notated in different colors. It was suggested an 11 x 17 of the maps be inserted into the Zoning Ordinance to replace the current maps that are in the ordinance.

    A motion was made by Mark Winslow and seconded by Rick Conway to accept the vault maps on the condition that an 11 x 17 identical vault map be included in the Zoning Ordinance, contingent upon legal approval.  The motion passed unanimously.

    Chuck Charbonneau suggested checking with legal counsel and the Select Board to be sure that they are agreeable with the changes. Rick Conway will contact Gary Kuepfer. Jeff Biasuzzi stated the Board Chair should sign both the 11 x 17 maps and the vault map.

  7. Continue Town Plan Updating Process
    Rick Conway questioned whether additional surveys were obtained from the election for continuation of the Vision section. It was suggested all members forward any surveys they have collected to David Soulia to be consolidated. Mr. Conway noted there is not enough information for a rewrite at this time.

    Beverly Peterson questioned the update of the population information as it was from the 2000 census.  David Soulia will be obtaining updated information from the Rutland Regional Planning Commission for these types of statistics. Ms. Peterson also questioned the 4th paragraph on Page 15 with regard to the industrial focus of Florence being marble and chemical processing; noting it should be marble extraction and calcium carbonate processing. The Planning Commission was in agreement that the language in this section could be rewritten to clarify the section. It was suggested to change the wording to marble extraction and processing of calcium carbonate.

    In reviewing Land Use Plan under the section Land Use Districts and Overlays, Mr. Conway noted on Page 19 the Town of Proctor no longer has water in Pittsford. It was uncertain if it is still a protected area and this item will need to be confirmed that it is still a protected area for water supply. Dave Mills stated the wording needs to be clarified and Mr. Conway volunteered to work on the wording of this section. At the bottom of Page 19, the amount of insurance coverage needs to be confirmed with the Rutland Regional Planning Commission. Item 8 – Wetlands Overlay –  this section will remain the same. Under Other Land Use Considerations – Page 21 – 1. Mineral Use – Bev Peterson will contact Omya to update all figures pertaining to Omya. Mr. Mills suggested updating paragraph 4 and items a through e in this section. Item 2. Agricultural and Forestry Resources – Mark Winslow suggested the third paragraph could be eliminated in its entirety and suggested a rewrite of the entire section. It was questioned whether conversion of prime ag soils to alternative sites should be listed in this section. Mr. Winslow suggested an alternative energy section should be addressed separately. Dave Mills advised that the Rutland Regional Planning Commission is hosting a meeting on December 12th at 5:30PM that will focus on writing standards into town plans. The Zoning Administrator will attend the meeting. Within the same section it as noted the Pittsford Community Corporation is no longer in existence and the number of acres that are in conservancy needs to be indicated in the Plan. There was concern expressed with the effects on the Grand List relative to the amount of property that is being conserved. Pittsford Special Actions: Agriculture and Forestry Resources – it was noted that this section also needs a complete rewrite to update the information. Under Item 3. Recreational Water Resources – Kendrick Pond needs to be eliminated. Under Item 4. Natural Resources, Colleen Hobbs suggested noting what the habitats are and remove the ideological verbiage. The town plan can indicate that development is desired to keep in line with the surroundings. It was suggested that the top of Page 27 regarding wildlife habitats be eliminated in its entirety. Items b. Aquatic Ecosystems, c. Wetland Ecosystems and d. Ridgelines are to be reviewed for rewrite.  It was suggested that the section on Grandpa’s Knob on page 26 also be included in the Alternative Energy section.  On Page 28, Pittsford Actions: Land Use and Development – will be updated in its entirety.

    In reviewing Vision and Goals under the Transportation section – Rick Conway has asked John Haverstock about sidewalks and Mr. Haverstock advised the State would pay for half of a sidewalk project. Mr. Conway stated people are encouraged to walk about town, but the sidewalks are in ill repair. Dave Mills stated Dave Soulia had indicated there are grant opportunities that can be researched through the State. When updating the Town Plan it was suggested the Planning Commission include trying to leverage the State for assistance with bicycle/walking routes. Mr. Conway would like information on where bicycles would work as he would not want to push for lanes if they are not being used. Mark Winslow stated the Transportation section has very relevant material that should be discussed with Shawn Erickson and suggested the Planning Commission review the section prior to the next meeting for a more in-depth discussion.  Review of the Town Plan was completed through Page 29.

    Dave Mills advised that the State now monitors and requires that progress is being made on any items outlined in town plans. Jeff Biasuzzi stated a lot of the verbiage could be eliminated, as the trend is to get rid of the fluff in the town plans. Mr. Biasuzzi suggested the town plan could include the goals, a timeline of how the goals are going to be reached and how they are going to be monitored and place all other information relative to demographics in an addendum. It was noted that the Town Plan is taken into consideration by Act 250 and Mr. Conway stated specific language has to be worded properly. Jeff Biasuzzi stated the Planning Commission should potentially consider reviewing the purpose of the Town Plan.

  8. Schedule Date for Next Meeting
    January 26, 2017 – Regular Planning Commission Meeting
  9. Adjournment
    A motion was made by Rick Conway and seconded by Colleen Hobbs to adjourn the Planning Commission meeting at 8:59PM. The motion passed unanimously.


Respectfully submitted,
Charlene Bryant
Recording Secretary


Approved by,




The Pittsford Planning Commission