Meeting Minutes : BLSG Board Minutes – August 4, 2016

BLSG Board Minutes – August 4, 2016


Present: Ben Lawton, Wayne Rausenberger, Steve Kellogg, John Haverstock, Jeff Whiting

Others: Will Mathis, Matthew Probasco

Ben Lawton called meeting to order at 7:10 PM.

  1. Matthew Probasco introduced himself to the Board. He is from the Department of Environmental Conservation and is the Permitting Unit Supervisor & Section 401 Water Quality Certification Coordinator. He is currently responsible for renewing the NPDES Pesticide General Permits in the State and administers the current permits.
  2. Minutes from July 7, 2016 meeting approved (moved: Jeff Whiting; 2nd: Steve Kellogg)
  3. Treasurers Report—Wayne presented current status. He will pay $4000 next week to reduce the balance on the Line of Credit that was used to buy the Argo. The Board will revisit an additional payment after the end of the current treatment season.S. Kellogg moved to accept the Treasurers Report, Second J. Whiting Passed.
  4. BLSG Mosquito Control District – N PDES pesticide general permit compliance.
    Matthew Probasco updated the Board on the current status of the permit renewal process. The current 5 year permit expires October 31, 2016. He expects to have it renewed by the EPA before that date. In case it has not been renewed by then the current permit will remain in force until the new one is approved.|He also stated the present Notice of Intent needs to be amended to include that the Town of Pittsford is now in the District. J. Whiting will draft and submit the revised NOI. W. Mathis will provide the required maps. The NOI must be posted in all the Member Town Offices. A new NOI will be required when the new 2017 permit is issued.Matthew stated that the response to his letter of January 29, 2016 was accepted.
  5. Wetland Reserve Easements (WRE)
    A. Florence and Pittsford – John Haverstock reviewed his discussions with Jim Eikenbury of the USDA Soil Conservation Service regarding the Compatible Use Requests (CUR) for the 5 properties in Pittsford, He has gotten good cooperation with Mr. Eikenbury and 4 out of 5 have been submitted. The 5th one is in an estate and he is working to find out who the proper person to work with is there.B. Brandon (Des Maris) – Ben reviewed the results of the recent DRB meeting in Brandon and his discussions afterwards with both Ms. Des Marais and Mr. Eikenbury. The hearing was continued to August 24. Ms. Des Marais has already submitted the CUR for this site. She also modified the No Spray area to the 500 acres of Organic hayfields and the house and barns. She will allow larvicides approved for use on Organic crops to be used on those 500 acres. We will continue to treat Short Swamp and High Pond Roads adjacent to their property with Adulticides.
  6.  Operations report highlights-Will Mathis
    • Reviewed vehicle and sprayer status
    • Thank you Steve Kellogg for your donation of a computer to the BLSG.
    • Welcome Kerry White to the BLSG staff. She will be working on Mosquito trapping and ID
    • Argo performed extraordinary allowing staff to sample within a swamp.
    • Need to consider a trailer. The Argo is 6′ 4″ x 11′ weighing 1600lbs.
    • Two No Spray properties left to post.
    • Plotting No Spray Locations in Garmin GPS units.
    • Mapping No Spray zones on driver maps located at the facility.
    • Contacting landowners regarding No Spray zones & obtaining permission to sample and trap.
    • Food Plains are dry.
    • Need to discuss amendments pertaining to the new grant.
    • Monitoring Adult populations through CDC light traps – collecting & analyzing data. (0-25 adults per trap)
    • Larvicide – 1st-4th instars are being found.
    • Re-mapping Google Earth files for JBI Ag-Nav sustem. Current maps have too many waypoints.
    • Lab is fully functional.
    • Beaver issues causing wetlands to backup producing larva.
  7. Trailer for Argo Will reported that a trailer is needed to haul the Argo. He is currently using his personal trailer and truck to haul it. Discussions on the availability of suitable trailers ensued and questions on the specifications for the trailer were raised.
    Moved by S. Kellogg second J. Whiting to authorize W. Mathis to spend up to $2800 for a suitable trailer for use with the Argo. Passed.
  8. Stipends and compensation
    Wayne has requested the Board to consider providing the Treasurer a stipend due to the increased work load and expenses of running the office.Ben reviewed the history of stipends in the past. Previous Boards had not taken the stipends and at some pointthe Board stopped budgeting it as a line item. At that point the complexity and time commitment for Board members was less. The work load and time requirements for the Chair and Treasurer in particular have increased greatly. Wayne estimated that he spends more than 10 hours a month on his Treasurer duties in addition to the meeting.Moved by B. Lawton and seconded by J. Haverstock to pay the Treasurer a Stipend of $1200 for this year and to review compensation for the Board as part of the 2017 Budget process. Passed.
  9. New business
    The new Grant contract with the Agriculture Department was discussed. Ben will clarify the requirement to get approval before larviciding by hand or with the Argo.
  10. Adjournment. Moved J. Whiting/ Second S. Kellogg to adjourn at 9:25 PM, Passed.

Respectfully Submitted,

Jeff Whiting, Vice Chair