July 27, 2016


The meeting was reconvened by C. Shaw at 7:00 P.M.


BCA Members Present:  Charles “Butch” Shaw, Matt Candon, Patricia Carter, David Soulia, Thomas “Hank” Pelkey, Ernie Clerihew, Jane Cornell, Brian Nolan, Terry Poor, Helen McKinlay.

Listers Present:  John Eugair, Donna Wilson, Bob Harnish

Appellants Present:  Bruce LaSante

Others Present:   Kelly Giard

1.  Bruce LaSante, 4 Chittenden Road,  Pittsford, VT 05763

C. Shaw asked if any member of the BCA had a conflict of interest or had any ex parte communication with regard to the LaSante property.  No conflicts of ex parte were noted.

H. McKinlay swore in the Listers’ (R. Harnish, D. Wilson and J. Eugair).

H. McKinlay swore in Mr. LaSante.

H. McKinlay introduced the property to the BCA.  The parcel is identified as being parcel number 0784, located at 4 Chittenden Road; as a home and .7 acres.

H. McKinlay stated that a letter, which was read, was received on July 7, 2016 at 3:15 PM.  The letter had an appraisal, which was performed by Shawn Sargent, attached stating the value of $115,000.

Mr. LaSante agreed that he did receive a letter of procedure from the Town Clerk’s office.

D. Soulia stated that he is personal friends with Mr. Sargent.  The Board of Civil Authority agreed that there was no conflict of interest having Mr. Soulia be part of the hearing.

The evidence that was submitted by Mr. LaSante was entered into evidence as ‘A-1’.

M. Candon inquired the value that Mr. LaSante feels his property should be assessed.  Mr. LaSante stated that he agrees with the $115,000 and not the $127,100 as stated by the reassessment.

E. Clerihew inquired if there was a full basement.  Mr. LaSante stated that there was a stone basement under just the kitchen and living room and the remainder is crawl space.  Mr. LaSante explained that the original basement was dirt floor and he has been putting in a concrete floor.

On behalf of the Listers’, John Eugair presented the Listers’ Packet (‘L-1’).

Donna Wilson made the presentation for the Listers’.  A grievance was heard on June 8, 2016.  The average depreciation was decreased by reducing the bath and kitchen values by $2,700.

Mr. LaSante denied any questions to the Listers’.

J. Cornell inquired why the value of the .7 acres was over $60,000.  J. Eugair stated that the townwide land values did not change with this reassessment.

C. Shaw inquired the standard assessment of 1 acre.  J. Eugair stated that the standard assessment for 1 acre is $54,000, then the neighborhood adjustment, corresponding with the I Factor.

M. Candon asked the Listers’ for a copy of the Land Value Schedule, which J. Eugair presented for reference. This was entered as evidence ‘L2’.

Mr. LaSante stated that the land has never been surveyed.  D. Wilson stated that the individual that reviews the tax maps is usually fairly accurate.

C. Shaw explained that a team of the Board of Civil Authority would be in contact to schedule a visit to inspect the property and report back to the Board at a later date.  Mr. LaSante presented a cell phone number of 802-558-7751.

C. Shaw recessed the hearing at 7:27 PM.

The inspection team consists of:  B. Nolan, J. Cornell and D. Trombley


Respectfully submitted,




Kelly Giard, Recording Clerk


                                                                                                Charles Shaw, BCA Chair


                                                                                                Helen McKinlay, Town Clerk