July 27, 2016


The meeting was reconvened by C. Shaw at 7:30 P.M.


BCA Members Present:  Charles “Butch” Shaw, Matt Candon, Patricia Carter, David Soulia, Thomas “Hank” Pelkey, Ernie Clerihew, Jane Cornell, Brian Nolan, Terry Poor, Helen McKinlay.

Listers Present:  John Eugair, Donna Wilson, Bob Harnish

Appellants Present:  David Pearson

Others Present:   Kelly Giard

1.  David Pearson, 584 Orchard Hill   Pittsford, VT 05763

C. Shaw asked if any member of the BCA had a conflict of interest or had any ex parte communication with regard to the Pearson property.  No conflicts of ex parte were noted.

H. McKinlay swore in the Listers’ (R. Harnish, D. Wilson and J. Eugair).

H. McKinlay swore in Mr. Pearson.

H. McKinlay introduced the property to the BCA.  The parcel is identified as being parcel number 1736, located at 584 Orchard Hill; as a home and 3.6 acres.

H. McKinlay stated that a letter was received on July 13, 2016 at 8:45 AM, which stated that the value was unrealistic and that the Assessor was not thorough.  The Listers heard an appeal, which was denied.

Mr. Pearson felt that the Assessor performed a cursory inspection and was there approximately 10 minutes.  Mr. Pearson stated that the last assessment was in 2006 and that was before the market crashed and the market currently has not recovered.

Mr. Pearson presented other properties in the area.  Mr. Pearson presented 742 Orchard Hill that sold at 25% below asking price, which was also below the assessment and took 3 years to sell; 592 Orchard Hill, which has more land, is 2’ wider, 2’ longer and nicer interior, is valued at 2% less than the assessment.

Mr. Pearson presented a list of 22 houses, 18 of which dropped an average of 6.4% in value.

Mr. Pearson stated that he has a number of repairs to perform before he can market the house for sale.

Mr. Pearson presented his research and comps as ‘A1’.

E. Clerihew inquired if Mr. Pearson was present at the time of the inspection.  Mr. Pearson stated he was present and the Assessor did not inspect the entire house.  Mr. Pearson stated that he questioned if necessary repairs would be included in the assessment and did not receive an answer.

M. Candon inquired what Mr. Pearson felt was a fair value.  Mr. Pearson stated that he has not spoken with realtors and was not ready to sell, however, feels in the range of $300,000 – $325,000.  Mr. Pearson feels that there are glaring inconsistencies throughout town and feels that the assessments should be parallel.

J. Eugair stated that the percent comparison is not consistent across town as values change within structures

J. Eugair presented the Listers’ packet as ‘L1”.

Donna Wilson read the Listers’ assessment, which stated that the depreciation went from good to average ++.  The Listers’ heard the grievance on June 16.  The property has the most land in the area and the fair market value is $368,500.

B. Nolan inquired the process to reconcile sales in the area.  D. Wilson stated that this is a case by case and there are many variables.  B. Harnish stated that there is a computer program that is used nationwide and is modified by region.

The Listers’ have no comments on the comps that were presented. D. Wilson stated that all the houses in the neighborhood are unique.

Mr. Pearson stated that the land price did not change in the assessment, however, changed in the economy.  J. Eugair stated that the land sales studies were considered and the current land schedule was deemed satisfactory by the Assessors.

C. Shaw explained the formula for land assessments, including the neighborhood factor.

C. Shaw explained that a team of the Board of Civil Authority would be in contact to schedule a visit to inspect the property and report back to the Board at a later date.  Mr. Pearson presented a phone number of 802-483-0086.

C. Shaw recessed the hearing at 7:58 PM.

The inspection team consists of:  M. Candon, C. Shaw and P. Carter


Respectfully submitted,




Kelly Giard, Recording Clerk



                                                                                                Charles Shaw, BCA Chair


                                                                                                Helen McKinlay, Town Clerk