Meeting Minutes : BLSG Insect Control District, Board of Trustees – July 7, 2016 meeting

Present: Jeff Whiting, Wayne Rausenberger, Dave Bishop, Steve Kellogg, John Haverstock, Kitt Shaw,

Will Mathis (Operations), Charles Jakiela (public)

Jeff Whiting called the meeting to order at 7:03 pm.

Motion made and seconded (Jeff, Steve) to approve minutes of June 2, 2016 meeting. Approved unanimously.
1.  Welcome town of Pittsford

The town of Pittsford was formally welcomed to the BLSG Insect Control District. Representative Kitt Shaw and Town Manager John Haverstock were in attendance on behalf of the town. With addition of new town to District, website and other administrative issues were discussed.

Formal changing of District name: to be discussed further when Chair is in attendance. In the near term, a name change would create administrative hurdles, such as vendor billing, federal ID number, etc.

Pittsford’s town website will be updated to provide a link to the BLSG website. BLSG’s website will also be updated to reflect addition of Pittsford to the District.

For time being, BLSG meeting agendas will be continue to be sent to John and Kitt. John will post agenda at various public locations in Pittsford.

2.  Operations Report
Will Mathis summarized current status of operations and provided a written report (attached to minutes).

Motion made and seconded (Jeff, Wayne) to approve $800 for purchase of new desktop computer and $1000 for five new CB radios and antennas ($200 each). Approved unanimously.

3. 2017 Agency of Agriculture grant status
The grant for FY2017 has not been finalized, but there is a draft version in circulation. Wayne has not yet seen this draft.

The board is unsure whether the Argo purchase will come from FY2016 or FY2017 grant. Purchase date was June 22, 2016.

4.  Des Marais Wetland – Brandon DRB hearing on July 20, 2016

Charles Jakiela of Brandon, who owns property adjacent to Des Marais, was in attendance to discuss the effects of restoring wetlands on this parcel, by way of removing ditching, berms and depressions. He is receptive to mosquito control and monitoring on his property.
BLSG can provide mosquito data from previous years, from the area encompassing Union St, Long Swamp Rd and Short Swamp Rd. At the hearing, Ben will be presenting, and Wayne will be present/speaking as a member of the public.

5.  Pomainville WMA – Pittsford
John sent a letter to James Ikenberry of USDA on July 5. He has spoken with Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department regarding access to WMA property for application of larvicide.

6.  NPDES response – Matthew Probasco
Permit renewal application is in draft form. Renewal is expected in spring of 2017.

7.  Treasurer’s Report

  • Wayne reports checking account balance of $40,685.64 (as of July 2).
  • Equipment Replacement & Capital Improvement checking account balance of
  • BLSG now has General Liability and Director’s Insurance policies through Holden
    Insurance, saving approximately $1400.
  • Received a refund check of $214 for overpayment of Worker’s Compensation.
  • Added microscope to insurance policy.
  • Argo is paid in full. Total cost was $38,998.60; state paid for $19,499.30, and there
    was donation of $6000. This leaves a balance of $13,499.30 on BLSG credit line.
  • Motion made and seconded (Steve, Dave) to approve treasurer’s report. Approved unanimously.

8.  Additional Business

  • Servicing of overhead garage door
  • Wayne is ordering new checks. Potential name change complicates this effort.
  • New formula for town assessments? Jeff said he is giving it thought, would prefer a
    larger quorum for this decision.
  • Wayne requested some form of compensation for his work as treasurer, possibly a
    stipend. This discussion will advance during the next meeting.

Motion to adjourn made and seconded (Wayne, Dave). Meeting adjourned at 9:13 pm.

Respectfully submitted, Kitt Shaw

Click here to view the BLSG Operations Report.