Meeting Agenda : Pittsford Planning Commission – Public Hearing Agenda – June 30, 2016

Public Comment on Proposed  Zoning & Flood Hazard Ordinances
THURSDAY   June 30, 2016   7:00 pm
Lothrop Elementary School, 3447 Rt.7,  Pittsford Village

I.               Call  the  Public Hearing to order.

II.             Introduction  &  Outline  of  Hearing Procedure.

a.     Introduce the PC  members , ZA , and Attorney; and disclose any conflicts of interest or ex parte communications.

b.     Adopt or amend the Hearing Agenda.

c.     Review the Definition of  “Interested  Persons”  and reference the Agenda  posted on the Town Website for more information.  Anyone  present at the Hearing  who wishes to be recognized as an Interested Person  is to have signed the Attendance Roster  and give oral or written testimony.

d.      Explain  (statutory)  purpose of this (only) PC  Public Hearing as  part of the legal adoption process:

1.      to update  the Zoning language to include VT required issues.

2.     to simplify & clarify the Zoning  Ordinance

3.     to  address specific issues requested by the Select Board, a result of their  2015 Hearings.

4.     to  receive  input from the Public and answer questions.

e.     Note that this Hearing is also for updating of the Flood Plain Ordinance;   but that there were only  minor changes  to titles;  and  that the Flood Plain language is essentially unchanged.

f.      Outline the Procedure on participation:

1.     Raise Hand and be recognized by the  CHAIRMAN  before speaking.

2.     Speak loud enough for all to hear.

3.     STATE YOUR NAME and residency, for the Record.

4.     Direct all questions and statements to the PC members.  No “discussions” with others in the room.

5.     Limit your testimony to FIVE MINUTES (5+/-) per issue; and respect the Chairman’s instructions.

6.     Read any written testimony, and submit a copy to the Chairman.

7.     The  Hearing  will either close at 9:00 pm;  or be continued to another  meeting at 7:00 pm on Thursday July 7, 2016, at Town  Office  (if anticipated attendance will fit the Conference Room).

III.           Open the floor for Discussion

IV.             Request any Final Comments or Questions from any one in attendance.

V.               Close or Continue the Public Hearing.

VI.              Outline Future proceedings :

1.     PC will review the comments presented at the Public Hearing, make adjustments to the draft Ordinances and then take a vote to present the draft to the Selectboard or,

2.     At the Regular July 28th  Regular Meeting, the PC will conduct a final review and vote on presenting the Ordinance to the Select Board at the SB meeting of  August 3rd.

3.     The Select Board will  subsequently schedule  TWO Public Hearings that statute  requires (section 4441)

VII.         Adjourn the Meeting