Meeting Minutes : DRAFT – Pittsford Planning Commission (PC) Meeting June 23, 2016

Pittsford Planning Commission (PC) Meeting
June 23, 2016

Board Members Present: David Soulia, Chuck Charbonneau, Kevin Blow, Dave Mills, Mark Winslow, Coleen Hobbs, Rick Conway

Also in Attendance: Jeff Biasuzzi – Zoning Administrator, Recorder

1.  Call to order

The meeting was called to order at 7:07 pm by David Soulia – Chair.

2. Approval of Agenda

D. Mills made a Motion to develop a list of questions at the next PC meeting, to be used in public opinion research at Pittsford Days. D. Mills made the Motion to approve the Agenda; K. Blow seconded; all approved and the Motion passed.

3. Approval of Minutes

D. Soulia asked for input on Minutes of the 5/12/16 Special Meeting . M. Winslow made a motion to approve these Minutes, seconded by C. Charbonneau.   There was further discussion from K. Blow; resulting in Winslow & Charbonneau  rescinding  their  motion.   Review of  these  Minutes were rescheduled to the July PC meeting.

D. Soulia requested a motion on the Minutes of 5/26/2016.  D. Mills made a Motion to approve the Minutes as written.  M. Winslow abstained;  all other members approved ; and the Motion passed.

4. Public Comments

J. Biasuzzi discussed the Town Clerk’s concerns on PC members increasing requests for  assistance  from  Clerk staff,  especially in posting minutes, website updates, copies, and  processing mailings.  J. Biasuzzi  suggested  better timing in  asking for his assistance when he is in Town ‘s ZA Office on Wednesdays.  Direst access by the PC Chair to the website managers, would streamline the posting process.   Also, requesting  secretarial  assistance from Linda Trask  when necessary may be possible.  D. Soulia  agree to direct PC assignments on Wednesdays , when possible, and is to discuss this with the Town Manager.

5.  Zoning Ordinance Adoption

R. Conway suggested having a Town  attorney attend the Hearing, and recommended Gary Kupferer. The Members  indicated  their  agreement

J. Biasuzzi asked if the Attorney should  serve as  Moderator at the Hearing. The Members felt the Chairman should direct the Hearing.

A time frame for discussion, and an end-of Hearing time was discussed. R. Conway suggested that commissioners to review the changes and past 13 Select Board issues, in preparation  of questions at the Hearing.

K. Blow asked how to address changing the Rt. 3 and Rt. 7 zoning didtricts (to Commercial).  R. Conway  felt  that the Town Plan needed to be amended first,  and then the zoning change would  conform to the Plan.  D. Mills emphasized that the Town Plan needed to be adopted before the  December  2017 deadline.  He also suggested a (part-time)  Economic  Development Consultant be considered in planning and brining in new business.

R. Conway supported an amendment to change the Town Plan to encourage Commercial use of the State/Federal road corridors. C. Charbonneau  felt  that this process could take a long time.  M. Winslow suggested putting the change of the Commercial Zoning districts on the July PC Meeting agenda; and recommended researching the Public’s opinion on this issue.  D. Soulia asked if this should be discussed at the 6/30 Public Hearing. The consensus was to focus the Hearing’s  discussion  on the current Zoning proposed.  After approval of the Zoning Ordinance;  address  amending  the Town Plan to satisfy the immediate deadline. Long term work  for a comprehensive re-write of the Town plan to follow.

R. Conway discussed the Boundary  Line  (lot line) Adjustment section of the proposed Zoning.  There was no change to the  proposed  language.

D. Soulia recommended no new action on Town Plan issues be discussed  until  the  regular  July PC meeting. Then the zoning change could be dicscussed. D. Mills favored polling public opinion on this issue; prior to including language in the new Town Plan.  The issue was tabled until the next regular meeting.

6. Confirm Date for Next Meeting

The next regular meeting was set for 7:00 pm, Thursday 7/28/16, at Town Offices.

8. Adjournment

R. Conway made a motion to adjourn the Meeting;   M. Winslow seconded;  all approved and the Meeting ended at 8:50 pm.

Respectfully submitted by:  Jeffrey M. Biasuzzi