Meeting Agenda : Special Meeting Agenda Pittsford Zoning Board of Adjustment



Pittsford   Zoning Board of Adjustment (ZBA)


Pittsford Municipal Town Offices,  426 Plains Rd.   Conference Room

7:00  p.m.


Call  the  Public Meeting to order.


Approve  or Amend the Public Meeting’s Agenda.


Introduction  &  Presentation of  Meeting Procedure.


Open Public Hearing for Appeal of Notice of Violation issued to William & Susan Herrington,

28 Hudson Terrace (Parcel #0621).  Construction of structures with out local permit, and encroachment of prescribed setback(s).


1.     Swear in any Interested Parties, review  written  testimony , receive oral testimony.

2.     Following initial discussion; the ZBA may elect to conduct, or schedule, a  site review.


Close or continue  this Public Hearing.


Open Public Hearing for Appeal  of  Zoning Permit 15-30, issued  to Daniel & Kim Webster, to build an 18’ X 20’ metal shed  on their property at 5168 Whipple Hollow Road (Parcel # 1419).  Appeal was filed by Ramon E. Davis on the basis that the construction infers with his deed right to use this land.

1.      Swear in any Interested  Parties, review written testimony, receive oral testimony.


Close or continue this Public Hearing.


Enter  Deliberative  Session; as required.


Exit Deliberative Session and issue instructions to the Zoning Administrator.


Discuss other business and future schedules, if any.


Adjourn the Public Meeting.