Meeting Minutes : Board of Civil Authority – May 25, 2016



May 25, 2016



BCA Members Present:  Charles “Butch” Shaw, Matt Candon, Patricia Carter, Bonnie Stewart, Thomas “Hank” Pelkey, Bill Drummond, Dave Trombley, Terry Poor, Helen McKinlay.

Others Present:  Pam Smith, Liz Willis, Kelly Giard, Recording Clerk

C. Shaw opened the meeting at 6:00 PM. to review properties for consideration of abatement.

1. Pam Smith:

C. Shaw explained that there was an initial request for abatement in 2008.  M. Flory recused herself as she was involved in the initial closing on the property in 2008.

C. Shaw explained that the initial request was denied and asked the members to review the packets and stated that note #6 on pages 2 and 3 explain the scenario.  Ms. Smith had initially agreed to pay $355.84.  A letter was submitted to the Delinquent Tax Collector John Haverstock by the attorney representing Ms. Smith stating that she was agreeable to paying $355.84.  There was no response to accept or deny the proposal.

C. Shaw stated that the amount of penalties and interest to be abated is $391.59.  M. Candon inquired if the delinquent amount has been listed.  H. McKinlay stated that the delinquency has been posted for the entire time.

C Shaw stated that there was also documentation included in the packet from a former Lister stating inaccurate information.

T. Poor inquired if there was any correspondence between the Delinquent Tax Collector and the attorney.  C. Shaw stated that there was no communication, however, in his discussion today, the Delinquent Tax Collector felt the amount was acceptable.

Motion by T. Poor and seconded by B. Drummond to accept the recommendation of the Delinquent Tax Collector and accept the payment of $355.84.  Motion passed unanimously 9 – 0.


Respectfully Submitted



Kelly Giard, Recording Clerk




                                                                                    Charles Shaw, BCA Chair


                                                                                    Helen McKinlay, Town Clerk