Meeting Minutes : Planning Commission – Special Meeting

Pittsford Planning Commission (PC) Special Meeting Minutes
Town Offices, 426 Plains Road
March 31, 2016


Members Present: David Soulia (Chair), Chuck Charbonneau,, Kevin Blow, Mark Winslow, Richard Conway

Member(s) Absent: David Mills

Also in Attendance: Jeff Biasuzzi (Zoning Administrator), Gary Kupferer (Pittsford Legal Consul); Colleen Hobbs (guest resident)

1. Calls to order
The meeting was called to order at 7:05 PM by David Soulia (Chairman). The meeting was electronically recorded by R. Conway.

2. Approval of Agenda
Dave Soulia requested a Motion to approve the agenda for the Meeting. _______________ made the Motion to approve said Agenda; _______________ seconded; all were in favor and the Agenda was approved.

3. Open the Meeting to Public Input.
There were no Public comments.

4. Legal Review of Draft Zoning Ordinance
Attorney Gary Kupferer reported on his review of the Draft Ordinance, submitting a series of suggestions.

The first was to combine the two separate sections of Exemptions for a Permit (Section 105 and Section 1302 B).

Zoning District changes were discussed. R. Conway clarified that VT. Rt.3 was not to be all Commercial; and that the Rural-Commercial district was eliminated from the Ordinance.

The term Flood Plain “OVERLAY ”was to be changed to read Flood Plain “MAP” in Sections 201G. Also, the term Conservation District “OVERLAY to be Changed to Conservation District ”MAP”. G. Kupferer suggested reviewing any application that was within a Flood Plain as a Conditional Use; and to add this in Article III, Table of Uses.

G. Kupferer recommended eliminating any reference to Wetlands (on Pg. 7 & 3). Under Section 202, the Zoning Map and Flood Plain maps may differ; but if an application is within a Flood Plain; then it has to conform or satisfy the Flood Plain Section of the Ordinance before an application is approved. Remove paragraphs G & H from Section 201.

G. Kupferer approved of the revised language in Sections 504 (Cottage Industry); 701 (durable materials); 704 A (keep pooled parking, subject to conditions); 809 (Restoration period); 902 (illuminated signs);

There was considerable discussion on Section 1001 (Lot Line Adjustments and Simple Parceling), which had been struck out at the 2/25/16 Meeting. G. Kupferer stated that Zoning Administrators are often authorized to approve these without Appropriate Municipal Panel (AMP) review. The consensus of the PC was to keep out of the Draft Ordinance.

Ridge lines were discussed next. G. Kupferer noted that Definitions (Article XX) omitted “Ridgelines”, and is opposed to any delineation of a ridgeline based on elevation.

It was noted that a simple solution was to strike Section 1120.

Keeping Section 1122 offered guidance & reference to VT regulation on Outdoor Wood Boilers; and could stay.

G. Kupferer agreed with the language in Section 1302 (Exceptions to permits).

J. Biasuzzi asked about Notice requirements when an application needs PC review. G. Kupferer believed that any review by an AMP was a form of Public Hearing, and needed to satisfy statutory notice process (24VSA Chapter 117, Section 4464).

D. Soulia reopened discussion on the issue of Lot Line Adjustments and Simple Parceling. This resulted in a Motion by Mark Winslow:

1. To grant authority to the Zoning Administrator to approve a Boundary Line Adjustment that is limited to small areas, does not create or increase a non-conforming situation, and the land is permanently merged to the receiving ownership (so no new free-standing parcel results).

2. To grant authority to the Zoning Administrator to approve a simple subdivision (aka Simple Parceling), that results in a total of two conforming parcels; limiting the property owner to one (1) Simple Parceling application of the same property every 365 days. Larger or more frequent subdivision applications are to be reviewed by the PC, per existing Zoning Ordinance.

The Zoning Administrator is to draft specific language and Definitions for Boundary Line Adjustments and Simple Parceling; for the PC review at their next meeting.

R. Charbonneau seconded the Motion, all approved and the Motion carried.

The next meeting of the Planning Commission is to be for 7:00 pm, Thursday April 28, 2016, at Town Office.

K. Blow requested the change list be updated and distributed ahead of the next meeting.

M. Winslow made a Motion to adjourn the Meeting; R. Charbonneau seconded; all approved and the Meeting ended at 8:55 pm.

Respectfully recorded and submitted by:

Jeffrey M. Biasuzzi