Meeting Minutes :

Pittsford Trustees of the Public Funds
Meeting Minutes February 1, 2016

Attendance: Trustees; Terri Davis, Robert Howland (by telephone), James Rademacher, John Newman, Esq.

Meeting Called to order by Mr. Rademacher at 5:00 PM.

Motion by Mr. Howland to accept the agenda.

Motion approved.

Motion by Mr. Howland to approve the minutes of the 7/16/2015 and 1/6/2016 as presented.

Motion approved.

Public comment on non-agenda items:


Motion by Mr. Rademacher to allow Mr. Newman to speak to the Burditt Fund/Consolidation issue.

Motion approved.

Burditt Fund/School Consolidation:

Since our last meeting the voters approved school consolidation on January 19, 2016 creating, among other things, a Unified Union School District Board of Directors (Unified Union Board). As summary from our last meeting, school consolidation raised two separate issues regarding the operation of the Burditt Fund.

Currently one of the condition for authorization of disbursement of Burditt Fund assets is a unanimous vote of the members of the Pittsford Town (Lothrop) School Board. With consolidation this Board will no longer exist. The Trustees discussed three possible alternative methods;

A. have the new Unified Union Board have a unanimous vote,
B. function without the Pittsford Town (or any) School Board,
C. have the Pittsford resident members of the new Unified Union Board provide a unanimous vote.

After much discussion the Trustees voted to usw method “C”.

The second issue was whom a fund disbursement would benefit. Currently a fund disbursement is made to the Pittsford Town School District and benefits the residents/taxpayers of Pittsford. If future distributions were to be made to the new Unified Union Board the benefit would be to all the resident/taxpayers of all the members towns. Mr. Burditt’s will indicates the assets are to benefit the Town of Pittsford. The Trustees decided it was needed to keep the benefit for the Town of Pittsford.

Mr. Rademacher contacted Mr. Newman, trustee attorney, regarding these issues and had indicated an opinion from the Vermont Attorney General (AG) in the matter was needed. Mr. Newman has drafted an appropriate request to the AG for a ruling to verify our belief and intent. This draft letter has been previously distributed to the Trustees for their individual review.

Discussion of the draft indicated that all Trustees were in agreement that the draft letter dated January 7, 2016 accurately expresses the beliefs of the Trustee.

Motion by Mr. Howland to approve the draft letter dated January 7, 2016 to the AG by Mr. Newman and to have him submit the letter to the AG.
Motion approved.

There being no further business meeting was adjourned at 5:20 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

James N. Rademacher