Craft Fair Manager Needed

The Recreation Department is currently searching for Craft Fair Manager for 2015.

Loretta Johnson, Mrs. Davis & their volunteers did great WORK over the years. THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

Job description for the Craft Fair Organizer:

A craft fair organizer has to be organized. The organizer must contact the venue & with the help of Pittsford Recreation must select the venue and date and be responsible for any building use paperwork that needs to be filled out (the Rec Director may do this part). The organizer will help to create flyers & advertise the event. He/she/they will also send out and receive the registration forms and money. They should keep the information organized and the money safe. They should organize for tables for set up with the school and Rec Dept. They should also be available the night before to set up all tables. Tables should be labeled so vendors can find them easily when they arrive. If you choose to do a basket raffle, you will need to organize that as a second entity. The money from sales of tables would all be accounted for and go to Pittsford Christmas for Kids.

Anyone who is interested can contact Randy Adams, Recreation Director directly.

Thank you.

Randy S. Adams
Recreation Director
(802) 483-6500 ext. 17
(802) 483-6612 fax