Meeting Minutes : Water & Sewer Commission





June 16, 2015


Water and Sewer Commission Members Present – David Pearson, Helen McKinlay, Bob Harnish, Clarence Greeno and Ernie Clerihew.  Others present:  Mark Youngstrom and John Haverstock.


David Pearson, Chairman, called the meeting to order at 6:30 PM.


Adoption of Agenda:

  1. Haverstock stated that there was a possible need for Executive Session for discussion of contractual and legal matters.


Motion by C. Greeno and seconded by E. Clerihew to amend the agenda to include review of utility bill inserts.  Motion passed unanimously 5 – 0.


Motion by C. Greeno and seconded by E. Clerihew to adopt the agenda as amended.  Motion passed unanimously 5 – 0.



The minutes from the May 19, 2015 meeting were signed, with no corrections.


Town Managers Report:

  1. Haverstock reported the following:
  •     The meter readings for the next billing cycle will take place in early July, with the billing cycle ending on June 30.
  •     Shawn Hendee reports that there have been some rags located in the influent.  The screening system has caught them.  There was also a syringe located and caught by the screen.  Village Manor will be contacted so they may notify their residents of these concerns.  There will also be a comment included on the utility bill inserts that will be mailed out with bills.
  •     A recent effluent ecoli test was “tossed” due to not being sampled within the allotted 6 hours.  The State agreed to disregard the test result.  A memo was included in the packets for review.  C. Greeno inquired about the expense for the test and the needed re-test.
  •     Brooks Newbury has e-mailed the Board with regard to communications with Shawn Hendee about the recent heavy rains which brought the plant over capacity recently.  Shawn Hendee will be experimenting with the aeration to avoid this scenario from repeating.


Public Comment:

None presented at this time.



Continued Discussion of Water Main Re-Location in Area of Route 7 Bridge on Furnace Brook:

  1. Haverstock indicated that there has been a budget proposal received from CLD, which is an engineering firm that is involved with the State on the bridge replacement project. CLD will be doing the design of the bridge replacement and the Town has to consider the relocation of the water main that is attached to the bridge. The bridge is slated to be under construction in 2018.


Mark Youngstrom was present to discuss the engineering of the project, from the Otter Creek perspective.


Bruce Babcock has stated that the location of the water main “is up to the engineers”.


  1. Youngstrom stated that if the water main was to be on the bridge, it would make sense to hire CLD and make the relocation part of the VTrans project. CLD is proposing to place a temporary sidewalk to support the water main relocation, then move the water main once bridge construction is completed.


Mr. Youngstrom explained that he would have to look at the CLD plans to determine his possible cost, however, the number would be “significant”.   J. Haverstock stated that Otter Creek Engineering hourly rate was comparable to CLD hourly rate.
There was discussion concerning the construction of Route 7 Segment 1.  The plans were reviewed by Otter Creek Engineering and potential fire hydrant relocation was discussed.  J. Haverstock asked for a cost of the moving of the hydrants and M. Youngstrom will forward once the project is closer to construction.  Some of the current ditches will be moved, however, some are not able to be moved due to storm water drainage issues and concerns.


  1. Youngstrom is also working on the Pump Station Study with regard to Depot Hill and the Transfer Station pump stations. This study will be available in the future.


  1. Pearson would like CLD to address the Water & Sewer Commission about its proposal.



Continued Discussion of Sewer Billing Abatement Request (L.F. Carter, Inc.):

  1. Haverstock stated that L.F. Carter has been approached and stated that 1 unit, as reflected in the invoices supplied, is the equivalent to 1 gallon. There was discussion concerning the amount of water that is hauled away by Carter’s vendor.


Motion by E. Clerihew and seconded by H. McKinlay to accept the abatement request as presented by L. F. Carter.  Motion passed unanimously 5 – 0.



Grease Trap Compliance Report:

  1. Haverstock has drafted a letter to Kamuda’s Country Store following discussion at the last Water & Sewer Commission meeting with regard to their request to be exempted from the grease trap requirement. The letter was reviewed and approved by the Water & Sewer Commission members.


  1. Greeno stated that the school has received a bid for $11,000 to install a grease trap. Jon Keith has stated that the cost to install a grease trap at his facility is approximately $3,500. J. Haverstock stated that Mike Smith gathered the information for the installation and will be consulted to clarify his reasoning for proposing a more elaborate and costly system for the school.  C. Greeno stated that there is no frying of foods at the school.  J. Haverstock stated that Kamuda’s have also stated that they do not have a fryer.   Copies of the sizes will be included in the next packet for the members to review.  E. Clerihew read a statement from the Sewer Ordinance, requiring grease traps of commercial food preparation locations.


  1. McKinlay inquired if there has been research at the Sunoco Station. J. Haverstock will check again.



Proposed Utility Bill Inserts:

The draft utility bill inserts were reviewed, which include information on the proper handling of household grease, sump pump use and the acceptance of credit/debit cards to pay the utility bills.


Motion by C. Greeno and seconded by H. McKinlay to approve the draft inserts.  Motion passed unanimously 5 – 0.


Utility Bill Collection Concern:

This concern was deferred to Executive Session.


Water & Sewer:

None presented at this time.



None presented at this time.


Executive Session:

The Water and Sewer Commission entered into Executive Session with J. Haverstock at 7:18 PM for the purpose of Contract Matters and Legal Concerns.


The Water and Sewer Commission exited Executive Session at 7:26 PM with no action taken.



The Commission adjourned at 7:26 PM.

The next regular meeting will be held on July 21, 2015.


Respectfully Submitted



Kelly Giard, Recording Secretary


David Pearson, Chairman



Clarence Greeno, Vice Chairman



Bob Harnish



Ernie Clerihew



Helen McKinlay

Ernie Clerihew



Helen McKinlay