Meeting Minutes : Select Board

Town of Pittsford

Select Board Meeting

June 3. 2015   


The meeting was called to order at 6:30PM by Thomas “Hank” Pelkey, Chairman.


Select Board members present:  David Trombley, Thomas Hooker, Jane Cornell, W. Joseph Gagnon, and Thomas “Hank” Pelkey.  Also present:   John Haverstock, and Kelly Giard – Recording Secretary.


  1. Trombley stated that there was a need for Executive Session for a Personnel Issue.


  1. Pelkey indicated that there was a need to amend the agenda to include Retention of an Auditing Firm; Revise Open Meeting Rules; D. Trombley stated that he would like to discuss the Highway Crew performance in repairing the dirt roads; discussion of winter sand vs marble mix; and reconstruction accounting with regard to the projects that are performed in-house. Motion by T. Pelkey and seconded by T. Hooker to amend the agenda and accept the agenda as amended. Motion passed unanimously 5 – 0.  J. Haverstock explained that the agenda is usually drafted on the Friday before the meeting and any items can be added at that time.



The Select Board minutes from the May 20, 2015 Select Board meeting were signed, with no corrections.  The Liquor Board minutes from the May 20, 2015 meeting were signed, with no corrections.



The orders, in the amount $24,799.93 and $10,010.86 (Payroll) were approved, with the following discussion:


  1. Cornell inquired about the expense to Central Vermont Communications – June pagers. J. Haverstock indicated that this is the monthly fee associated with the pager services.



  1. Haverstock reported on the following:
  • The Town Manager and T. Pelkey met with the Brandon, Leicester, Salisbury, Goshen Mosquito Control District on June 2.  There will be a collection of data and mapping to identify the “hot spots”.  There is a possibility of adding a temporary/seasonal employee to focus on mosquito surveillance and control.  The State may fund some larvacide application.  Options available include to join the Brandon District (if the price is right); Create our own district; or hire a contractor.  There was much discussion around mosquito control in Pittsford.  The Town Manager will contact Mr. Graham from the State to see what assistance is available to Pittsford.
  • The Governor has signed a bill containing language enabling the State to increase the amount of loan forgiveness regarding the Town’s Proctor Water Study written by Otter Creek Engineering, which cost the Town $22,000.00.  The Town Manager continues to monitor this issue.
  • The Tree Committee has planted trees near the Municipal Office.  The Stafford Technical Center students have planted trees at the Kendrick Dam.  Blueberry bushes will be planted at the Recreation Area to supplement trees already planted there.  T. Hooker stated that there have been 2 trees that have died near the Fire Station that could be replaced in the event there are any trees available.
  • VLCT will be meeting with the Planning Commission on July 23, 2015 from 5:00 – 7:00 PM (prior to their meeting) for training purposes.
  • A Structures Grant in the amount of $175,000 has been received for replacement of the culvert in East Pittsford and another on Fire Hill Road in Florence.  A grant in the amount of $175,000 has been received for the West Creek Road reconstruction project.  The State Grant documentation requires the projects be completed by an outside contractor.  The Highway Department staff can perform labor to fulfill the 10-20% Town contribution.
  • Jim Harris has stated that the railroad bridge #219 in Florence will be repaired not replaced, in the 2016 construction season.
  • Information from VLCT regarding fundraising for the Veteran’s Memorial is included in the packets for review.
  • The Town Manager will be out of the office on June 5 and June 12.



None presented at this time.



None presented at this time.



Highway Department Performance in Repairing Dirt Roads:

  1. Trombley stated that the Highway Department has done an excellent job in the rebuilding of the dirt road at Fire Hill and Markowski Road. The shoulders were cut back, the road was crowned and the 2 days of heavy rain did not result in pot holes. However, the sections that were not yet rebuilt had pot holes.


Winter Sand vs Marble:

  1. Trombley stated that he respects the decision made by Highway Foreman Shawn Erickson regarding the use of 75% marble and 25% sand on the roads. However, the marble does not hold up on the dirt roads and makes a horrible mess on asphalt roads. T. Hooker stated that he has received complaints from residents and the marble does not break down.  J. Gagnon inquired the cost effectiveness of this method.  J. Haverstock will check into the reasoning behind this approach and will report back at a future meeting.


Accounting Practice for Reconstruction Work by the Highway Department:

  1. Trombley inquired how the reconstruction work that is performed by the Highway Department is monitored. J. Haverstock stated that the jobs are monitored by line items in the annual budgets and through an annual audit.





Retention of Auditing Firm:

  1. Haverstock indicated that Sullivan & Powers has submitted a proposal for the next cycle of auditing. Copies of this proposal were included in the packets and the increase is 2% to $24,300.


Motion by T. Hooker and seconded by J. Cornell to retain Sullivan & Powers as the auditing contractor.  Motion passed unanimously 5 – 0.


Review Open Meeting Rules:

  1. Pelkey, J. Gagnon and D. Trombley recently attended a Planning Commission meeting. The procedures for running a meeting were reviewed. A copy of the Select Board procedures, which are based on the VLCT format, were included in the packets for review.  The format fits all boards and commissions within the Town.  The Select Board agreed to utilize the format as proposed.


Review Quote from Contractor Regarding Handicapped Access Improvements for Town Offices:

A proposal from a local contractor was included in the packets for review.  The contractor will install a push button entrance at the front of the building, making handicapped access a bit easier.  The rear door in the Conference Room would become ADA compliant.  The front doors will be full glass and the rear door will be half glass and half solid door.  The Conference Room door would be an exit-only door with no handle outside.


Motion by D. Trombley and seconded by T. Hooker to contract with Countryside Glass to do the projects as outlined in their proposals, including demolition, in the total combined amount of $9,951.00.  Motion passed unanimously.



  1. Haverstock reported that, as of June 3, the General Fund expenses are at 89.92% of budget and the Highway expenses are at 104.33% of budget.



The Veteran’s Memorial was discussed.  T. Hooker is the Fundraising Chair; D. Trombley is the Transportation Chair; T. Pelkey is the Fabrication Chair.  D. Trombley has spoken with Dave Markowski and is waiting for confirmation that the fabrication location is available.  T. Pelkey has spoken with Sam Markowski and has indicated that the fabrication facility is available to take delivery of the marble.  D. Trombley will contact the farmer to gain access to the marble blocks and T. Pelkey will confirm delivery at the fabrication facility.

Camp Sangamon will open on June 28.



  1. Pelkey made a motion and seconded by T. Hooker to go into Executive Session for personnel where premature knowledge would be damaging to the Town, and may be jeopardized by public disclosure.


In accordance with 1 VSA 312 (b), where premature general public knowledge would clearly place the Municipality or person involved at a substantial disadvantage, the Board unanimously agreed to enter into Executive Session for the purpose of Personnel at 7:44 PM, with the Town Manager invited to remain for Executive Session..


The Select Board exited Executive Session at 7:50 PM.


The meeting adjourned at 7:50 PM.


The next regular meeting of the Select Board will be held on June 17, 2015.


Respectfully Submitted,



Kelly Giard, Recording Secretary


Thomas “Hank” Pelkey, Chairman



Thomas Hooker, Vice Chairman



Jane Cornell, Selectman



  1. Joseph Gagnon, Selectman



David Trombley, Selectman