Meeting Minutes : Planning Commission – Draft


Pittsford Planning Commission Meeting    

March 26, 2015

Board Members Present: Kathryn Brown, Trish Lewis

Board Members Absent:  David Soulia, Christina Kumka

Also in Attendance: Jeff Biasuzzi – Zoning Administrator



1.  Call to order

The meeting was called to order at 7:15PM by Trish Lewis – Chair.


2. Approval of Agenda

A motion was made by Kathryn Brown to accept the agenda as amended. The motion passed unanimously.

Addition of an executive session for the purpose of discussing commissioner issues.


3. Previous and Administrative Matters

a. Approval of Minutes

–        February 25, 2015 Planning Commission Meeting

Due to lack of a quorum, the minutes of February 26, 2015 were reviewed, with additional discussion and approval of the minutes tabled to as subsequent meeting.

Under Item 4a: a correction as follows:

Second paragraph, immediately following the statement ending with (original Vermonters), a new paragraph to begin:

A discussion ensued concerning mixed use and building forms. The remainder of the original paragraph to continue, starting with: It is not to say that big box stores are not useful, but they could be better……

Also under Item 4a:

Fifth paragraph, a correction to the sentence to read: Kathryn Brown stated there were a lot of complaints when the Planning Commission wanted to change the zoning maps (addition of the word map) to avoid these types of businesses.

–       October 23, 2014 Planning Commission Meeting

A motion was made by Kathryn Brown to accept and approve the October 23, 2014 Planning Commission minutes, as presented. The motion passed.

Trish Lewis reported that due to the retirement of the previous Chair, the minutes had not been accepted. The draft minutes of October 23, 2014 were posted within the required time limit. Commissioners Brown and Lewis are the only remaining members of the Planning Commission that had been in attendance for that meeting. Ms. Lewis has contacted the Vermont League of Cities and Towns to advise them of the special circumstances. Ms. Lewis was advised that the draft minutes were sufficient and a formal motion was not required. Ms. Lewis wanted to take a formal vote to approve the minutes to close the matter.


4. New Business 

a. General Introduction of Planning Commission Member and Staff

This item was postponed to the subsequent meeting due to lack of quorum.

b. Member Discussion and Organization of Issues to Research and Schedule for Future Meetings

It was noted that discussion of the comments received from the Pittsford Select Board as a result of the Select Board hearings on the Zoning Ordinance was postponed to a subsequent meeting due to the lack of a quorum.

Discussion ensured with regard to concern over the lack of a quorum for Planning Commission meetings, due to the inability to move items forward in a timely manner. Jeff Biasuzzi noted that in other towns, the Zoning Administrator has been appointed by the Town Manager as an alternative Planning Commission member to allow for business to be transacted in the absence of a quorum. Unlike the Zoning Board, the Zoning Administrator is able to be a member of the Planning Commission. Trish Lewis stated the Select Board sent over information on new volunteers for the Planning Commission and also would consider approving going from a 5 to a 7 member PC board.  Consensus was to have a 5 member board with an alternate at this time.


5. Public Comment

There was no discussion held.


6.  Other Business

a. Chair “Bits and Pieces”

There was no discussion held.

A motion was made by Trish Lewis to go into executive session at 7:31PM for discussion of commissioner issues. The motion passed.


7. Executive Session

The Planning Commission came out of executive session at 7:48PM.

A motion was made by Kathryn Brown to recommend to the Select Board they appoint either Rula Moradi or Robert (Chuck) Charbonneau as a Planning Commission member and appoint the other as the Planning Commission alternate. Both volunteers bring great qualifications that will enhance the Planning Commission. In addition, a request is made that the Select Board appoint David Soulia as the alternate commissioner to the Rutland Regional Planning Commission.  The motion passed. 


8. Next Regular Meeting   

Thursday, April 23, 2015 @ 7:00PM


9. Adjournment

A motion was made by Kathryn Brown to adjourn the Pittsford Planning Commission meeting at 8:00PM. The motion passed.


Respectfully submitted,
Charlene Bryant
Recording Secretary


Approved by,



The Pittsford Planning Commission