Meeting Minutes : Select Board

Town of Pittsford

Select Board

Public Meeting    

February 25, 2015 

The Hearing was called to order at 6:30PM by Thomas “Hank” Pelkey, Chairman.


Select Board members present:  Jane Cornell, David Trombley, Thomas Hooker, W. Joseph Gagnon, and Thomas “Hank” Pelkey.  Also present:   Rick Conway, Keith Maseroni, Christine Maseroni, Kevin Blow, Donald Keith, Ryan Keith, Brad Keith, Ed Keith, Jr., Ann Rademacher, Bonnie Bourne, Donna Greeno, Bruce Paynter, Derek Saari, William Parker, Mark Winslow, Clarence Greeno, David Rowe, Robin Rowe, Jon Keith, Jon Carrara, Mike Sullivan, David Mills, Thomas Shannon, Jennifer Shannon, Chuck Charbonneau, Roger Rowe, Jim Carvey, Kathryn Brown, Trish Lewis Jeff Biasuzzi, John Haverstock, and Kelly Giard – Recording Secretary.


The purpose of this Hearing is to hear public input on the Planning Commission’s proposed Zoning Ordinance Amendment.  The first Public Hearing was held on February 18, 2015.


  1. Pelkey described the procedure and protocol for the Public Hearing.
  2. Haverstock stated that there were documents given to the Select Board members from residents. There was also some information given to the Selectmen which was obtained by Trish Lewis from the Rutland Regional Planning Commission and the Vermont League of Cities and Towns.
  3. Lewis read the results of her research with regard to concerns that were raised by the residents at the February 18, 2015 Public Hearing. Her memorandum was included in the information that was also given to the Select Board members in their packets.


Residents concerns at this Public Hearing include:

  • Auto Repair/Home Occupation
  • Conservation/Wildlife Corridors
  • Pre-existing Home Occupations, which T. Pelkey explained would be researched prior to any Select Board decision.
  • Wood boilers being 300’ from any structure
  • Map dates and inclusion of maps within the document
  • Storm water run-off
  • Public Utilities
  • Less regulations and better rules to attract people and businesses to Town
  • Imperfect document
  • On-line version not complete, had to be sent in 4 .pdf documents
  • Section 504
  • Section 704
  • Leave State sections to the State
  • Too many “personal agendas” are included and the Planning Commission needs to take responsibility for its actions.



Residents felt that their attendance and expressions at Planning Commission meetings went unheard and unnoticed.


Dave Soulia, a new Planning Commission member, stated that he was appointed in October and there were no meetings in November and December. When the vote occurred on the document, the new members were asked to abstain from the vote.  Mr. Soulia urged the Select Board to send the document back to the Planning Commission for further work.

Pelkey closed the Public Hearing at 8:00 PM


Respectfully Submitted,



Kelly Giard, Recording Secretary


Thomas “Hank” Pelkey, Chairman



Joseph Gagnon, Vice Chairman



Jane Cornell, Selectman



Thomas Hooker, Selectman



David Trombley, Selectman