Meeting Agenda : Public Hearings on Proposed Amended Zoning Ordinance



Town of Pittsford, Vermont

Public Hearings on Proposed Amended Zoning Ordinance

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Lothrop School Gymnasium 6:30 P.M.              New Location!


Notice is hereby given that the Pittsford Select Board will conduct two (2) public hearings on the dates, times and location set forth above.


The principal purpose of the drafting of the proposed Amended Zoning Ordinance, according to the members of the Planning Commission voting to adopt it is “to address obsolete sections, bring the Ordinance up-to-date with changing State and federal requirements and to reflect the changes made in the newest Town Plan.”   The proposed Amended Zoning Ordinance also “adds a section on temporary farm worker housing to make it easier for our farmers to bring in help at harvest time and makes a series of small changes aimed at making it easier for landowners and business owners to develop, change or enhance their Village properties to encourage economic development.”


The full text of the proposed Amended Zoning Ordinance, with new language highlighted, may be found in the Town Clerk’s office, upon request, and at the Town’s website:

DRAFT version of Zoning Regs submitted to the Select Board Jan 2015: this document is a large PDF and it has been split into four parts for easier download

Part I

Part II

Part III

Part IV

Pittsford Zoning Districts Map 2010