February 17, 2015


Water and Sewer Commission Members Present – David Pearson, Helen McKinlay and Clarence Greeno.  ABSENT:   Bob Harnish and Ernie Clerihew.  Others present:  Gregory Sharrow, Robert Hooker, John Haverstock and Kelly Giard – Recording Secretary.


David Pearson, Chairman called the meeting to order at 6:30 PM.


Adoption of Agenda:

  1. Haverstock stated that there was a need for Executive Session for Legal Concerns and to amend the agenda to add an abatement request that was received from Francine Goldstein.

Motion by C. Greeno and seconded by H. McKinlay to amend the agenda to include the changes recommended by J. Haverstock.  Motion passed unanimously 3 – 0.



The minutes from the January 20, 2015 meeting were signed, with no corrections.


Town Managers Report:

  1. Haverstock reported the following:
  •     Mr. Newbury from Aeromod had delayed his visit to the Wastewater Treatment Facility from January 28 and 29 to February 23 to assist with some concerns with the clarifiers that have been identified by Shawn Hendee.
  •     There have been discussions with VTrans with regard to potential conflicts between Route 7 design and recently built Town infrastructure.  There is information in the packets for review. Mark Youngstrom has been consulted and is aware of the situation.
  •     A contractor has been contacted with regard to the service line work to be done at the Armitage property.  This topic will be discussed further in Executive Session.


Public Comment:

None presented at this time.



Update on Proctor Water Study Loan Forgiveness Request:

  1. Haverstock reported that Rep. Shaw has spoken with Eric Blatt and is working on potential legislation. Updates will be coming as soon as they are received.


Status Report on Hydrant Replacement/Insurance Claim:

  1. Haverstock reported that Progressive Insurance has been billed and the Town is watching for the check. This claim is in regard to a truck that backed over a hydrant on the West Creek Road.

Consider Draft Policy for Water Shut-Offs for Abandoned Homes:

  1. Haverstock stated that water can be shut-off to eliminate burst pipes at abandoned and foreclosed properties. The adoption of a policy would allow Bruce Babcock to use his judgment in these situations. C. Greeno recommended that this be a procedure, rather than a policy.  There will be more information discussed at the next meeting.



Greg Sharrow re: Request for Additional Meter:

Mr. Sharrow stated that he and Mr. Hooker have 10 fish tanks (one of which is 230 gallons) that require frequent filling.  There is also a garden in the basement that uses water. None of this water flows through the sewer system.  Mr. Sharrow would like to request a separate meter to support the garden and fish tanks.


Following discussion and reading the e-mail input from Engineer Mark Youngstrom, Mr. Sharrow understands that there is no meter that is capable of metering sewage flow and that everyone uses some water that does not enter the sewer system. Mr. Sharrow and Mr. Hooker exited at 6:49 PM.


Update on Tubby Keith’s Request for Additional Meter:

  1. Haverstock reported that Mr. Keith was not in agreement with the answer to his request for an additional meter. C. Greeno stated that he has spoken with Mr. Keith and explained that the current policy for additional meter installation is for agricultural uses only. J. Haverstock has contacted other towns and included their information in the packets for review.  Linda Drummond has stated that the installation of  additional meters in these situations would be very labor intensive as there would be many manual calculations required to produce an accurate bill.  The Water and Sewer Commission reaffirmed its original response to the Keith request.  J. Haverstock will communicate this with Mr. Keith.


Water & Sewer:

Utility Bill Abatement Request (Jason Davis)

  1. Haverstock explained that Mr. Davis experienced an unexplained spike in water use. However, he felt there was no meter malfunction. Therefore, no abatement is requested.


Utility Bill Abatement Request (LF Carter, Inc)

  1. Haverstock read an e-mail from LF Carter, Inc with regard to their Field Avenue location. The Water and Sewer Commission recommended that the matter be referred to Bruce Babcock for evaluation and recommendation, to be reviewed at the next meeting.


Utility Bill Abatement Request (Morgan McGee)

  1. Haverstock reported that Mr. McGee is an apartment land lord who did not look at his utility bill until payment time and felt his bill was too high. In his absence, the Commission took no action.




Utility Bill Abatement Request (Francine Goldstein)

  1. Haverstock reported that Ms. Goldstein misplaced her utility bill until the due date and the payment was received late. The Water and Sewer Commission denied the request for an abatement of interest and penalty.



None presented at this time.


Executive Session:

The Water and Sewer Commission entered into Executive Session with J. Haverstock at 7:10 PM for the purpose of Legal Concerns.


The Water and Sewer Commission exited Executive Session at 7:14 PM, with no action taken.



The Commission adjourned at 7:14 PM.


The next regular meeting will be held on March 17, 2015.


Respectfully Submitted



Kelly Giard, Recording Secretary



David Pearson, Chairman



Clarence Greeno, Vice Chairman



Bob Harnish



Ernie Clerihew



Helen McKinlay