Meeting Minutes : Water & Sewer Commission



January 20, 2015


Water and Sewer Commission Members Present – David Pearson, Helen McKinlay, Ernie Clerihew, and Clarence Greeno.  ABSENT:   Bob Harnish.  Others present:  John Haverstock and Kelly Giard – Recording Secretary.


David Pearson, Chairman, called the meeting to order at 6:30 PM.


Adoption of Agenda:

There was no need for Executive Session.  J. Haverstock stated that the addition of Tree Tapping Revenues and Keith Meter Concerns be added to the agenda for discussion.  The Water and Sewer Commission unanimously adopted the agenda as amended.



The minutes from the December 9, 2014 meeting were signed, with no corrections.


Town Managers Report:

  1. Haverstock reported the following:
  •     Utility bills were sent on January 7 and are due on February 9.  The sewer revenue target was met with this billing cycle.  The Select Board has all of the sewer rate information for review in their meeting packets.
  •     Mr. Newbury from Aeromod will be at the Wastewater Treatment Facility on January 28 and 29 to assist with some concerns with one of the two clarifiers that have been identified by Shawn Hendee.
  •     The hydrant that was broken off by a tractor trailer accident on West Creek Road has been repaired by Markowski Excavating.  The information will be submitted to the insurance company of the involved trucking company for reimbursement.
  •     Bruce Babcock has been working with Markowski Excavating with regard to the quote to replace the Armitage service line on Blackberry Lane.  The information will be forwarded to the Water and Sewer Commission as it becomes available.
  •     Town Meeting preparations have begun.  The Town Report will be submitted to the printers in the very near future.  Chairman Pearson will be making the water and sewer presentation to the residents.


Public Comment:

None presented at this time.



Update on Proctor Water Study Loan Forgiveness Request:

  1. Haverstock reported that the attorneys are involved at the State level and a new loan forgiveness proposal has been submitted, which is pro-rated to $13,500 forgiven with $8,500 still payable at 0% interest over 5 years. J. Haverstock will be consulting with Mark Youngstrom for his thoughts on this situation and will report back to the Water & Sewer Commissioners as more information becomes available.


  1. Pearson inquired why Proctor was not the “bank” for the abandoned water system users. J. Haverstock indicated that there was no interest expressed by Proctor.


Tree Tapping Revenues:

  1. Haverstock explained that the Town timber land income at the Chittenden Reservoir area is a Water Fund asset. Mr. David Parker currently leases the maple trees in the area and pays annually based on the number of taps. Mr. Parker will be increasing the number of taps this year and will continue paying based on State-approved tapping prices.  The use of Best Practices will be monitored and the County Forester will be inspecting the area.


Keith Sewer Bill Concerns:

  1. Haverstock has received a request from Mr. “Tubby” Keith regarding water metering at his business (Winning Image Graphix). Mr. Keith has stated that he has a hose in the business that is used exclusively for washing vehicles and none of the water enters the sewer system.


Following discussion, the Water & Sewer Commission agreed that the sole exemption to using water meters for sewer billing would remain the one for agricultural uses (live stock).



  1. Greeno inquired how many households are connected to the sewer. J. Haverstock indicated that there are 252 customers with approximately 330 ERU’s. C. Greeno inquired if the owners of vacant homes still paid fees.  H. McKinlay stated that the owner is billed and is responsible for the bills, even if there is no usage.


Water & Sewer:

  1. Haverstock reported that a request from Neil Crossman from Pittsford Commons has been received asking for a letter of commitment to support an expansion at the property, whether it be in the form of additional condominium units or an assisted living facility. The request is to agree to provide adequate pressure and water service, which Bruce Babcock and Shawn Hendee agree is a reasonable request the Town can meet.


The Commons also inquired if the service discharge line could become property of the Town.  Following discussion, J. Haverstock was asked to decline this request.

A letter will be written to the Pittsford Commons.



None presented at this time.


Executive Session:

None necessary at this time.



The Commission adjourned at 7:08 PM.


The next regular meeting will be held on February 17, 2015.


Respectfully Submitted



Kelly Giard, Recording Secretary



David Pearson, Chairman



Clarence Greeno, Vice Chairman



Bob Harnish



Ernie Clerihew



Helen McKinlay