Meeting Minutes : Safety & Wellness Committee

Town of Pittsford Town

Safety & Wellness Committee

Minutes of Meeting – September 23, 2014

The Quarterly Meeting was called to order at 9:05 AM in the Town Municipal Office’s Conference Room.

Members present:  Mike Warfle, Jean Parker, Linda Drummond, Bob Berardo, Shawn Hendee and Randy Adams.

Discussion on requirements of the Open Meeting Law:  The meeting  agendasneed to be posted on Town’s website and also posted at the Town Office, KamudasMarket and Keiths Country Store.  Draft minutes must be posted on the Town’s website within five days.

The minutes of June 25, 2014 were read followed by Mike commenting that Larry McDuff will be installing a LED light for over the Town Office garage.

Also CPR training was held on September 18.  Three Safety Committee members attended and received two year certifications.

Linda noted that she received aVaridesk.  There is money available for other employees to order one.  Jean asked Linda to order one.

Linda reported that Heidi Joyce from VLCT will be back for Wellness Consultations on October 29 at 9 AM.  There will be half hour sessions for any employee wishing to participate in the WorkStrong Program.   The Town can get up to a 2% discount on Workers Comp premiums depending on the level of participation.

Linda moved to approve the minutes of June 25 as written. Mike seconded and the motion was approved unanimously.

New business:

Safety vests and jackets have been ordered for the Transfer Station staff.  The Water Department has new jackets and need to order vests.  Insulated raincoats will be ordered for the Sewer Department.  The Police have vests and jackets as well as the Highway Department .

Winter Safety:  Linda is able to order YakTrax cleats if anyone needs them.  Mike noted that the lights are out in the garage door openers and the sensor light at the entry door.  Mike will replace the bulbs.

Other Business: It was noted the phone that was in the vault downstairs has been moved to the Police Department’s office.  The phone was not accessible unless the vault was open.

Bob noted that at the Otter Valley Union High School wastewater treatment plant there is an extension cord across the driveway.  Kyle at OVUHS has been notified.

The next meeting will be scheduled to follow the November or December staff meeting.

Mike made a motion to adjourn and Shawn seconded.  The meeting was adjourned at 9:30 AM.