New Sewer Rate Schedule

Notice re Adjusted Pittsford Sewer Rates

When the Pittsford Sewer system upgrade project was completed, the Water & Sewer Commission adopted new sewer rates to address the cost of the upgrade.  When doing so, the Commission also attempted to more fairly distribute the burden among rate-payers by dispensing with the flat rate model and moving to a rate structure partially based on metered water flows.  When this occurred, the Commission made it clear that it might have to again tweak rates once there was sufficient data on revenues generated by those rates. 

After three (3) six-month billing cycles in which revenues have fallen short by approximately $20,000, it has become clear that the sewer rates indeed needed adjustment so that the Sewer Fund can generate enough revenue to pay all of its bills.  Because both water bills and sewer bills are based, to a large degree, on metered water flows, there has been even more conservation than expected among sewer users, leading to this shortfall. 

The Commission, working with the Town Manager, has cut costs wherever possible within the Sewer Fund budget.  Working with Otter Creek Engineering, the Commission has reviewed and adopted an adjusted sewer rate structure designed to generate an additional $20,000 during each six-month billing cycle.  These adjusted rates will go into effect on July 1, 2014 and will affect bills coming due in January, 2015.  The current and adjusted sewer rate structures are set forth below:

Current Rates                                                              Adjusted Rates (Effective 7/1/2014)

Sewer Bond Charge    $165.00                                               $171.00

Sewer Base Charge         66.00                                                   95.00

Sewer Metered Charge   10.96/1,000 gals.                             15.87/1,000 gals.

            (beyond 6,000 gal. allotment)

If you have any questions about these changes, please contact Town Manager John

Haverstock by phone (483.6500 x20) or email .87.200  OR Assistant to the Town Manager Linda Drummond by phone (483.6500 x10) or email  .87.200 .

Thank you.

Issued:  March 20, 2014