Meeting Minutes : Water & Sewer Commission



March 19, 2013

Water and Sewer Commission Members Present – Allen Hitchcock, Bob Harnish, Helen McKinlay, and John Lapre.  Others present:  John Haverstock and Kelly Giard – Recording Secretary.

Allen Hitchcock, Chairman, called the meeting to order at 6:30 PM. 



The minutes from the February 19, 2013 meeting were reviewed and will be signed at a future meeting due to a minor correction.


Town Managers Report: 

None presented at this time.


Public Comment: 

None presented at this time. 



Update on Water System Expansion Project:

J. Haverstock reported that Mark Youngstrom is working with Jim Plouffe to finalize the bid documents and, once there is State approval, and approval from Atty. Jack Facey, the bid process will begin, with the selection of a contractor in April.  There is an agreement with Mr. White that no construction will occur on his property until he returns from Florida.


Update on Well-Drilling Fund:

J. Haverstock reported that 11 of the 26 loans have been finalized, with more scheduled.  A request has been submitted to the State for approximately $40,000 to repay the Town.  A. Hitchcock inquired if any of the interested parties had chosen not to participate in the program.  J. Haverstock indicated that he would follow-up with potential borrowers who had not scheduled loan closings.


Review Request for Water Allocation Letter:

John Lapre presented a letter requesting water allocation for a project he is working on on Elm Street.  Bruce Babcock will send an approval letter for the requested allocation.  The property owner will be responsible for the boring under Elm Street to access the infrastructure.

Motion by B. Harnish and seconded by H. McKinlay to authorize the allocation and for Bruce Babcock to draft a letter to the property owners.  Motion passed 3 – 0 – 1 (Lapre abstained).



J. Haverstock reported that he had received a call from Neil Crossman from Pittsford Commons, who indicated that there is a possibility of developing more units on Pittsford Commons land.  The Commons inquired about the possibility of connecting the proposed units to the water and sewer infrastructure.  More information will be coming if and when the project moves forward.


J. Haverstock reported that the last visit concerning grease traps has occurred.  Mike Smith will be drafting a report of deficiencies, which the Town Manager will use to draft letters to food preparers.


J. Haverstock reported that the Town has requested an extension of time for submitting to the State sewer flow data reflecting the effects of the Inflow and Infiltration repairs.  The extension has been requested through the end of the year so more complete data can be submitted.  Mike Smith is also working on drafting a new Sewer Ordinance.

Review of Abatement Requests:

J. Haverstock reported that there have been 3 requests for abatements.  These requests will be discussed in Executive Session.



J. Haverstock indicated that a concern has arisen with regard to the future eligibility of a Commissioner serving on the Water & Sewer Commission.  This topic was deferred to Executive Session.


Executive Session:

Motion by B. Harnish and seconded by H. McKinlay to enter into Executive Session for the purpose of Contracts and Legal.


The Water and Sewer Commission entered into Executive Session at 6:50 PM.  J. Haverstock was invited to stay. 

The Water and Sewer Commission came out of Executive Session at 7:07 PM, with no action taken.


The Commission adjourned at 7:07 PM.

The next regular meeting will be held on April 16, 2013.

Respectfully Submitted

Kelly Giard, Recording Secretary                                                                                                                                                                                                                 


Allen Hitchcock, Chair


                                                                        John Lapre, Vice Chair


                                                            Helen McKinlay


Bob Harnish