Meeting Minutes : Planning Commission



October 25, 2012


Planning Commission Members Present – Don Nickless, Kathryn Brown, Trish Lewis, Chris Beitzel, and Mike Gecha.  Absent:  Kathryn Brown, Alternate.  Others Present – Ron Davis, Louise Davis, Emerson Frost, Elizabeth Frost, Donald Parker, Kathy Parker, Derek Saari, Nanci Scarcello, Allen Mills, Roberta Mills, Kathy Gecha, Ann Radamacher, Marguerite Brandin, Irene Fortin, Virginia Anderson, Vanessa Mills-Holmquist, Lisa Wright-Garcia, Jeffrey Officer, Ernie Clerihew (7:07 PM), Hilary Redman (7:11 PM), Ken Niemczyk – Zoning Administrator, Kelly Giard – Recording Secretary.


D. Nickless, Chair, called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM.



None presented at this time.



None presented at this time.



None presented at this time.



D. Nickless explained the process for the finalization of the Town Plan.  Currently, there are amendments that are being recommended by the Rutland Regional Planning Commission that need to be incorporated into the Town Plan before approval comes from the Regional Planning Commission.  One of the most important sections that must be included is an Economic Development section.  D. Nickless explained that the Plan could be forwarded to the Select Board prior to Regional approval.


D. Nickless explained that the comments that were received from the October 4 hearing were favorable.


D. Nickless explain ed that there would be a ‘Draft 4’ of the Town Plan that would be forwarded to the Select Board and that there would not be another warning period to include the Economic Development section before approval.


There was discussion of meteorological towers.  D. Nickless explained that these towers were not addressed specifically and that the Plan will require a complete review/upgrade in the next 2 years and that the permits for the meteorological towers was approved 3 years ago.





There was discussion of “fall zones” with relation to any tower in relation to a property line, as well as noise impact within these areas.


D. Nickless explained that the current Zoning Regulations are “interim regulations” that expire in December,



None necessary at this time.



The Planning Commission adjourned at 8:09PM.


The next meeting will be held on November 15, 2012 at 7:00 PM.


Respectfully Submitted



Kelly Giard, Recording Secretary


                                                                        Don Nickless, Chair


Trish Lewis


Mike Gecha


Chris Beitzel


Kathryn Brown, Alternate