Court Settlement Approved

Proctor Water News/ Court Settlement Approved

On Wednesday, September 26, 2012, a Rutland judge finally issued a Court Order approving the settlement (negotiated long ago) of a case challenging Proctor’s decision to abandon its outer district customers.  Under the terms of the Court Order, a notice will be sent out within 7 days of the Court Order days by certified mail to all such customers.  Recipients of this notice will then have 30 days to return the enclosed form to the Court Clerk.  The Court Clerk will then report to Proctor the list of customers who sent in the form within the 30-day deadline.  Proctor will then send out checks within 20 days of receiving this list.  The exact amount payable in these checks will depend upon the number of customers sending in the form, seeking their share of the approximately $250,000.00 that Proctor has set aside to compensate these outer district customers for their future abandonment.


Please monitor your mail closely for the notice from Proctor.

Thursday, September 27, 2012