Meeting Minutes : Planning Commission



May 17, 2012


Planning Commission Members Present – Don Nickless, Trish Lewis, and Thor Konwin.   Others Present – Bev Peterson, Melvin Aldrich, Carol Aldrich, Tom Loyzelle, and Ken Niemczyk – Zoning Administrator.


D. Nickless, Chair, called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM.




1.    Application by Thomas D. Loyzelle for property located at 35 Chittenden Road, Parcel ID # 0819 for a subdivision of 5.47 acres into 2 lots (2.1 acres and 3.37 acres).


The hearing was re-opened from the April 26, 2012 meeting, which was recessed.


K. Niemczyk explained that the hearing was recessed due to the notification of the property abutters had not originally been done.  The abutters were notified of this hearing by Mr. Loyzelle.


Bev Peterson inquired if folks were still required to perk test.  Mr. Loyzelle explained that he had contacted a Certified Septic Designer and the site was reviewed by the designer and a representative from the State, and the various soils and water tables were identified.  Mr. Loyzelle indicated that his property was able to have a traditional septic system.


There were no further comments from the public.  Motion by D. Nickless and seconded by T. Konwin to close the public portion of the hearing.  Motion passed unanimously 3 – 0.  D. Nickless inquired if there was confirmation of the mailing.  Mr. Loyzelle presented copies of the letter and the envelopes that were sent.  These copies were placed into the file.


Motion by D. Nickless and seconded by T. Lewis to approve the application as presented.  Motion passed unanimously 3 – 0.




Carol Aldrich inquired if the Planning Commission would be taking a position on the proposed wind tower project and also inquired what the process would be to change the Town Plan.  D. Nickless explained that the Town Plan changing is a complicated process, and explained the various steps that are required to make a change.  D. Nickless explained that the Public Service Board has the ultimate decision on the project, and is not necessarily dependent on the views or opinions of the Planning Commission.  D. Nickless indicated that the Planning Commission has not made a recommendation on the proposed project.


T. Lewis explained that there will be a Public meeting on May 24, 2012 at Lothrop Gym concerning the proposed project.


T. Konwin explained that there may also be a public meeting from the Planning Commission to discuss the proposed project and the residents may recommend the Planning Commission’s position at this meeting.


T. Lewis explained that the Town Plan has been recently revised and that there may be legal challenges, in the event of a change at this time.


D. Nickless explained that the Town Plan can have some influence, however, no authority in the decision by the Public Service Board.


The Planning Commission may have a Public Meeting to gather information prior to any recommendation by the Planning Commission.


T. Lewis explained that the Public Service Board may consider a personally written letter with more thought than a letter written by a Town Committee or Board.  D. Nickless recommended that the elected representatives be contacted and made aware of the concerns of the residents.


There was much discussion concerning the proposed wind project.


K. Niemczyk indicated that the Public Service Board will be hosting Public Hearings and residents were encouraged to attend and invite many residents to the meetings and to speak up.




The Planning Commission members continued discussions on updating the Zoning Regulations.




The Planning Commission adjourned at 8:45 PM.


The next meeting will be held on June 28, 2012 at 7:00 PM.


Respectfully Submitted



Kelly Giard, Recording Secretary





                                                                        Don Nickless, Chair


                                                                        Thor Konwin, Vice Chair


Trish Lewis