Proctor Water Court Case and Money Distribution Update

A party to this Court case reports as follows:

The lawyers involved in the pending Court case involving Proctor Water’s decision to abandon 70 customers living in Pittsford and Chittenden have apparently crafted a settlement agreement which they hope to send to out by the end of the week of March 19 or March 26.  All those us involved in the court case must sign and return the agreements so it can be filed with the Court.  The agreement will be sent to those people with legal representation and also to those who were representing themselves in the court case.  Once everyone has returned their signed agreement, it will be filed with the court.

Next, the Court will notify the Town of Proctor that it can send a letter to the defaulted parties (the rest of the abandoned users who were not involved in the Court case) giving them a last chance to receive money from Proctor to drill a well.  The defaulted parties will then have 30 days to respond and return a signed form.  After the 30 days is up, Proctor will have 20 days to send out checks.

The amount of money people will receive depends on how many people respond to Proctor’s letter.  Those who sign the settlement agreement will automatically be included in the group getting money.  Therefore, they will not receive the letter from Proctor.

March 21, 2012