Meeting Minutes : Planning Commission



March 24, 2011

Planning Commission Members Present – Don Nickless, Trish Lewis and Thor Konwin.    Others Present – Bruce Paynter, Anita Paynter, Amy Loomis – Zoning Administrator, and Kelly Giard, Recording Secretary

D. Nickless, Chair, called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM.

D. Nickless explained that the Zoning Regulations are currently “Interim Zoning Regulations” and are a work in progress.  This meeting was a working session.

D. Nickless presented topics that had been discussed at previous meetings of the Planning Commission, which included the following:

  • Parking Space Requirements.  A. Loomis will review the current requirements and make any recommendations or suggestions.
  • West Creek Road.  One side of the road is currently zoned commercial and the other side is zoned residential.  There has been a little research and no explanation has been located. This is a topic that will require further research.
  • Permit Fees and implementation of fees with conditions.  This is a topic that will require further research.
  • Smart Growth.  This topic will be researched and further included in future drafts.
  • State Permits required prior to Zoning Permits.  Currently, Town permits are not withheld prior to the obtaining of a State Permit.
  • Burning Furnaces.  Currently, the state has regulations, is this something the Town should consider adding?
  • Certificate of Occupancy.  This was discussed at length and A. Loomis explained that currently, there is no certificate issued for renters who change.
  • Noise Ordinance.  Should one be instituted?
  • Maximum lot size along with maximum densities.  This is a topic that will require further research and information.
  • Commercial vs. Residential “buffer”.  Trish Lewis will research this topic with regard to the village lot sizes.
  • Riparian Buffer.  This article protects streams and lakes during construction.  Thor Konwin will research the existing Flood Hazard Regs and report if the Fish and Wildlife restrictions are currently in place.

There was discussion as to the further steps that will be required in the drafting of the more permanent Zoning Regulations.  The decision was to hold a Public Meeting on April 28, 2011 to gather input and information from the public.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:23 PM.

Respectfully Submitted,

Kelly Giard, Recording Secretary


Don Nickless, Chair


Thor Konwin, Vice Chair


Trish Lewis