Meeting Agenda : Select Board

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Municipal Office Conference Room 6:30 P.M.


6:30 P.M. – Open Meeting


  • Act on Minutes of July 7, 2010 Meeting and July 7, 2010 Special Meeting, July 7, 2010 Dog Hearing and July 14, 2010 Special Meeting
  • Act on Orders
  • Town Manager’s Report

Public Comment


Old Business

  • Continued Discussions/Setting Tax Rates (H. McKinlay)
  • Continued Consideration of Application to Renew Salvage Yard Permit (R. Brown & Sons, Inc.)
  • Consideration of Potential Wood Chipper Purchase (S. Erickson)
  • Consideration of Implementing a Resident Survey


New Business

  • Budget Status Report
  • Consideration of Interim Zoning Ordinance (A. Loomis; D. Nickless)
  • Report on Activities of the Water & Sewer Commission (A. Hitchcock)


Other Business that may come before the Board

Executive Session, if necessary

A. Legal Issues

B.  Contractual Issues

C.  Personnel Issues


Next scheduled meeting: August 4, 2010