Meeting Minutes : Water and Sewer Commission

November 17, 2009

Water and Sewer Commission Members Present – Allen Hitchcock, John Lapre, Hope Rantanen, and Helen McKinlay. Others present:  Bob Berardo, Shawn Hendee, Mark Youngstrom, Carl Crawford, Gordon DeLong, Mike Smith (6:43 PM), John Haverstock, and Kelly Giard – Recording Secretary.

Allen Hitchcock, Vice Chairman, called the meeting to order at 6:30 PM.


The minutes from the October 20, 2009 meeting were signed.

Town Managers Report:

J. Haverstock reported the following:

  • The Water Project boring on Route 7 has been successful.  The area has been filled in and the project is progressing down Kendall Hill Road.
  • Testing has been done and the Otter Creek crossing is being evaluated.
  • The first monthly meeting between the Town Manager, Engineers, and Contractors occurred on November 10.
  • An easement agreement with the Butlers has been obtained.
  • There has been green dye introduced at the Wastewater Treatment Facility.  Bob Berardo, John Haverstock, and John Daly (recommended by Suzanne Pickett – State of Vermont) will be making site visits to a few suspected sources on Monday, November 23, 2009.  There has also been some white “milky” liquid in the system.
  • An e-coli test was failed on November 12.  A score of 77 is the highest to pass.  The failed test registered at 488.  It is believed that the sample was contaminated.  These results were reported to Suzanne Pickett.  Bob Berardo resubmitted another test, which passed. B. Berardo reported that there have been no repeats of test failures.  He also stated that it took 3 – 4 days to clear the green effluent.
  • There was a mishap at the WWTF.  A coupling let loose while filling the truck, covering both operators with sludge.  The State of Vermont was made aware of the incident and a visit was made by Mr. McMurray.  B. Berardo estimates roughly 500 gallons were spilled in this incident.
  • J. Haverstock reported that he has made contact with with regard to the bagging system, as well as the Florence water storage tank.  There is a 7.5% commission to the company selling the items.  This firm helps municipalities and states sell the items similar to e-bay.   A contract will be coming for review.  J. Lapre also mentioned that extra water meters that will be available after the project could be included in negotiations with this firm.

Public Comment:

None stated at this time.


Update on Project Status:

Carl Crawford and Mark Youngstrom were present to explain the progress of the water project.

Mr. Crawford reported that the Pine Woods Road main line is installed, however, not tested or in service; the Pine Woods Road to Kendall Hill Road section of pipe is installed; the section under Route 7 is in and tested; the drilling under the archeological area is completed; the steel casings at the double Railroad crossing are in; the crossing at Otter Creek is more difficult than anticipated – there are tests being conducted to determine which route would be best; the drilling in the area of Smith Pond is completed, but, not tested; the directional drilling at the underpass near OMYA is done and the pipe is; Markowski Excavating is consolidating work crews to increase production on this project.  A. Hitchcock indicated that the Accounts Payable amount was high.  Mr. Crawford indicated that this was an initial payment to begin the project and get the materials in place for the beginning of the project and explained that the amounts will level out in the future.

Award of Water Metering Contract:

Mark Youngstrom reported that ‘Contract #2’ is prepared to be awarded.  Mr. Youngstrom reported that Meter & Backflow Services (a division of EJ Prescott) is the low bidder.  Mr. Youngstrom reported that he has met with this company twice and recommends that the bid be awarded to this company.  Mr. Youngstrom indicated that there is a Performance & Payment Bond in place for the contract; a contact signing and project meeting is scheduled for November 19, 2009; the State Plumbing Board has mandated that all fittings must be lead-free before January 1, 2010 – this mandate was not included in the bid, however, a change order has been prepared and the variance is roughly $28,000 – which represents roughly a 7% increase.  Mr. Youngstrom indicated that he confirmed with the State Plumbing Board that all meters must be installed by a licensed plumber, which was included in the bid process.

A. Hitchcock inquired whether Rural Development has an issue with this change.  Mr. Youngstrom indicated that there are no issues.  Mr. Youngstrom indicated that Rural Development was pleased that this was discovered before the project began.

Motion by H. Rantanen and seconded by J. Lapre to award ‘Contract #2’ to Meter & Backflow Services (part of EJ Prescott).  Motion passed unanimously 4 – 0.

Discussion of Proctor Water Customers in Pittsford:

M. Youngstrom indicated that Proctor may abandon customers that live in Pittsford and are on the Proctor water system. There was much discussion regarding this topic.  The members of the Commission directed M. Youngstrom to gather the facts and develop options for the Town of Pittsford that may be feasible.  A limit was set at $5,000.  Mr. Youngstrom will report his findings back at a future meeting.


Review of Infiltration Study Reports:

Mike Smith presented findings, recommendations and cost estimates regarding the Infiltration problem.  These will be consolidated and presented to the Commission in a written report on or before the December 15 meeting.  Among other things, Mr. Smith recommended addressing the Elm Street pump station inflow at the manholes; sewer vent structures; re-point the manholes; perform house to house inspections with regard to sump pumps.

Mr. Smith explained that a flat valve was installed at the Depot Hill pump station and presented the data showing a decrease in flow at that location.

Review of Sludge Handling Design and Bid Status:

Mr. Smith explained that there is an immediate need for this project.  There was discussion that this project had been considered for funding at the State level, however, this project is currently not a priority on the State level due to funding limitations.

Mr. Smith indicated that the design of this project is done and the estimate of the project is $225,000, which includes covers for the tanks.

A. Hitchcock recommended that the whole package of initiatives (including chlorine contact) be reviewed after receiving the report prior to December 15 to determine what portions of the project are needed and to review the funding options.

Review of Monthly Wastewater Treatment Facility Flow Report:

There were no noticeable discrepancies.


Bob Berardo & Jack Shedd have spoken with J. Haverstock requesting the purchase of a pick-up truck to transport chemicals, supplies, or tools to various job sites.  Currently, personal vehicles are being used to transport these items and Mr. Berardo expressed that personal vehicle insurance and repairs have increased.  A. Hitchcock recommended that this item be referred to the Select Board for budget purposes.

J. Lapre inquired whether there were filters included in ‘Contract 2’ for the purpose of filtering sand.  Mr. Crawford explained that there is a course screen, however, no filter for the sand screening purpose.  Mr. Youngstrom indicated that he will be in contact with  Bruce Babcock to discuss possible line flushing.

Executive Session

None required at this time.


The meeting adjourned at 8:52 PM.

The next meeting will be held on December 15, 2009.

Respectfully Submitted

Kelly Giard, Recording Secretary

Allen Hitchcock, Vice Chair

Hope Rantanen

Helen McKinlay

John Lapre