Welcome to the Pittsford Police Department website.

The Pittsford Police department is a fully functional law enforcement agency which is located in the rear of the town office building. The department consists of one full-time and five part-time law enforcement officers, and one police K-9.

In May, 2011 we officially became a Police Department per the standards of the FBI and State of Vermont. Prior to this, we were a fully functional law enforcement Constabulary’s Office. This change was made to better address Pittsford’s need for law enforcement coverage and to be eligible for state and federal funding. With your help and the help of our Town officials, we strive to make the “Sunshine Village” a safer place.

The Pittsford Police Department strives to provide fair and equal service to the people of Pittsford; our officers perform their duties using core values such as honesty, integrity, loyalty, courage, professionalism and respect.

Meet the members of our Department!!!

Chief of Police, J. Michael Warfle

Chief Warfle started his law enforcement career as a special officer with the City of Rutland in 1984. In 1986, he was promoted to full-time police officer and attended the 44th full-time basic Vermont Police Academy. Chief Warfle has served as a school resource officer, a D.A.R.E instructor, a Special Reaction Team member and a firearms instructor. He is certified as a firearms instructor, DUI enforcement, Radar, Laser, Domestic Violence response, Haz-Mat response, Underage Drinking enforcement, NCIC, First Aid and CPR.

Chief Warfle started as a special officer in Pittsford in the mid-1990’s. Chief Warfle was eventually promoted to 1st Constable, and was recently appointed as the first Pittsford Police Chief. Chief Warfle is the department’s only full time Officer.

Police Officer, Lema F. Carter

Lema is our most senior part-time officer. A native of Pittsford, Lema started his career in Pittsford in the mid-1970’s. When Lema isn’t working the road, he enjoys horseback riding and farming.

Lema is certified in Radar, Domestic Violence response, and Haz-Mat response

Police Officer, Jeffrey M. Warfle

Jeffrey comes to us from right here in Pittsford. Jeffrey is a U.S. Marine veteran who served as a Military Policeman. Jeffrey has been serving as a patrol officer with our department since December of 2008 and is our K-9 handler. Jeffrey graduated from the 93rd basic Vermont Police Academy.

Jeffrey is certified in Radar, Laser, DUI enforcement, Domestic Violence response, Haz-Mat response, Underage Drinking enforcement, NCIC, K-9 Drug detection, First Aid and CPR.


Police Officer, Erik Wilder

Erik came to us from the Rutland area. He has been with the department since the mid 2000’s and is certified in Radar, DUI enforcement, Domestic Violence response, Haz-Mat response, First Aid and CPR.

Police Officer, Brent Garrow

Brent began his career in public safety as a volunteer firefighter here in Pittsford.  While he no longer serves with the PFD, he does serve with the Rutland Fire Department.  Brent wears many other hats when he is not on the road here in Pittsford.  He started with the Police Department in the late 2000’s and is serving proud.

Brent is currently certified in Radar, DUI Enforcement, Domestic Violence response, Haz-Mat response, First Aid and CPR.

Police Officer, William (Bill) Pratico Jr.

Bill comes to us from the Rutland area, and is just beginning his career as a Law Enforcement Officer with us here in Pittsford just this spring. Bill is currently in field training and will be on his own very soon.

Contact the Pittsford Police Department

If you would like to contact us for services or you are looking for further information about the Pittsford Police Department you may contact us at the Town office: 802-483-6500×14 during normal business hours. For calls after normal business hours please call Vermont State Police dispatch center – 802-773-9101, they will contact us in the event we are not in the office. For any and all emergencies please dial 911. You also can contact us via email, which are as follows:

  • Chief Warfle-
  • Officer Jeffrey Warfle –
  • Officer Erik Wilder –
  • Officer Brent Garrow-