Major’s Baseball End of Season Tournament Information

The 2017 regular season final standings:

Team W L Tie Points
Pittsford Indians 11 0 0 22
Rutland Town Chargers 8 3 1 17
Proctor 7 4 1 15
American Legion A’s 7 5 0 14
Barstow Bobcats 7 5 0 14
Wallingford 6 5 1 13
Rutland Rec K of C 5 6 1 11
Aubuchon Bulldogs 4 6 0 8
Hayes Red Sox 4 8 0 8
Rutland Rec Aldermans 2 9 0 4
West Rutland 0 10 0 0


Last 3 out of the playoffs (Hayes, Aldermans, West Rutland)

American Legion and Barstow have the same record BUT own the head-to-head tie breaker.


Games that will NOT be made up, as they will not impact the standings AND concerns with graduation conflicts:


Aldermans West Rutland
Pittsford Aubuchon Bulldogs
Aubuchon Bulldogs West Rutland


Playoffs to commence on Friday, June 23rd.  (Originally slated for June 21st, but due to snow days, graduation dates are late this year.)


1st round – Friday, June 23rd:

Game #1 Pittsford Indians hosting Aubuchon Bulldogs

Game #2 Rutland Town Chargers hosting Rutland Rec K of C

Game #3 Proctor hosting  Wallingford

Game #4 Barstow Bobcats hosting American Legion


2nd round – Monday, June 26th


Championship Game – Wednesday, June 28th



Please review the 2017 RCYBL Majors rules for the tournament.  Of note:

7.09 Tournament Pitching Rules. These rules replace the regular season pitching regulations.

  1. a) A player may not pitch in more than six innings in a game.


  1. b) If a player pitches in less than four (4) innings one calendar day of rest is mandatory. If a player pitches in four (4) or more innings, three (3) calendar days of rest must be observed.


  1. c) A player may not pitch on consecutive calendar days.



(1) A player may pitch on consecutive calendar days if only one (1) inning was pitched in the previous calendar day.


(2) In a game suspended by darkness, weather or other causes and resumed the following calendar day, the pitchers of record at the time the game was halted may continue to pitch to the extent of the remaining eligibility for that game.

  1. d) A player may pitch in a MAXIMUM of fifteen innings for the tournament.